Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Mish-Mash

I have a lot to vent about today. Some of it is fitness, some is not. So, if you aren’t interested in a venting session, you have been warned.

My stress level is pretty high right now. Between the normal family/work/school/church stuff, I have just learned that the committee I have served on for 15 months, worked hard with, and finally came to our conclusion (finding our church a new senior minister) has been blasted, and under minded, with our work, integrity, and honesty being called into question. Not by ONE person in leadership at our church, but TWO. WITHOUT cause, and without correct information. It came down to what can only be called a hissy-fit by a grown woman.

I am disgusted.

All our work could potentially be destroyed by her. She refuses to even discuss it at this point.

IF our work goes to waste because of this woman, I am finding a new church. And I will forever be marred by these events.

There is also drama in the theater company. One girl in particular is creating an awful lot of noise about menial shit. After venting via Facebook last night, she thought that my post was about her. *NEWS FLASH* NOT everything is about YOU!! I know, I know – it’s hard to believe. So, I dealt with her little dramatic self this morning at 5:45AM.

Thing 2 woke up covered in dried blood this morning. Nose bleeds are pretty common for him. He has seen the doctor, and I’ve been told it’s normal and OK. But I will NEVER get used to seeing him literally COVERED in blood. His hair was matted, all over his hands and face, a huge stain on his sheets. It breaks my heart. I know, that sounds dumb, but it does.

The race is tomorrow. Hubby wants to be supportive and come, and we can’t figure out childcare, because I have to be there so early to volunteer. So, I think we are all going to go, which will probably be more stressful than anything else, and frankly, will be exhausting for him, since HE will be the one having to run after the minions all day.

My stomach is in knots.

My knee is bothering me.

WHY am I doing this tomorrow?

I don’t even know anymore.


  1. I had a blog rant myself today, albeit about trivial stuff. :-) Good luck on the race tomorrow.

    Does your son sleep with a humidifier in his room? When my son was younger he used to have a lot of night time nose bleeds, but we put a humidifier in his room and they stopped. It was amazing the difference it made!

    1. Thanks so much neca! We usualy do that in the winter especially, but the weather has been so funky here in CT (into the 80's during the day! Where is fall??) that I haven't wanted to put it on since it's already warm in the house. But that will be a priority very soon!!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I live in Ft. Lauderdale - what is fall??? :-)

  3. Neca - I live in Orlando. Isn't Fall that one cold day we get in January?

  4. Hey - you're going to do fantastic tomorrow. I'm confident about that. Let it out, vent all you want. This is your space, remember?