Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fitathalon Challenge, 2013


THIS, my friends, is what is in store for me on Saturday. I am running the challenger course. There is also a newbie, a beginner, and then a competitor course, the competitor being the most advanced. It's mostly the length or # or reps that change for each level.

I am going into this one like I did the RM - one thing at a time, at my own pace. Blinders on. No one around but me.

Hey Challengers!
I hope you all are excited for Saturday's event! Wondering what you're getting yourself into this weekend? Well here it is! The complete list and description of the obstacles for Saturday's event:

1. Calisthenics
Challenger - 40 pushups, then 20 of each (lunges, squats, Jump lunges, Jump squats)

2. Run

3. Lunges
The distance varies by level. Guaranteed to make your legs burn. Take a rest if needed but you can only lunge - no walking. Hands must be behind your head as you lunge.

4. 5' Walls
Up and over and over and over and over. There will be help for everyone but the competitors. Watch the video on our Facebook page if you're not sure how to climb them.

5. Speed and Agility
Tires,tires, tires. Add some cones, hurdles, hay and ladders. Let's see how mobile and agile you are. This is a looooonnngggg S&A course!

6. Run

7. Tire Flips
200lb+ tires. The tires are different sizes but pretty much weigh the same amount. You can do it solo or with help. It doesn't matter unless you're a competitor. Competitors must flip the tires solo.
Challenger - 8 flips

8. Chain pulls
30lbs, 100 yards. You must pull it while backpedaling. This will fire up hams and glutes.

9. Wheelbarrow Push
It sorta looks like a wheel barrel. It's our version. Push it through grass UPHILL for the designated distance and turn around and come back.

10. Balance Beams
Going down you're on telephone poles (yes they're round), coming back you're on 4 inches wide and 8 feet long planks. Competitors if you fall off you must go back to the beginning.

11. Transverse Walls
We gotta see you move in different planes. Hope you've tried rock climbing. Climb to the end without touching the ground or the top of the wall. Competitors if you fall off you must go back to the beginning.

12. 8" Walls
Big walls. No worries you have a rope to help you. You gotta do it three times.

13. Ruck Sack Trail run
Back to nature. Get your run on. It's maybe a ¼ mile. You'll be carrying 25lbs on your back.

Beach Time Obstacle course:
14. Over/unders - Leaping and ducking. Over 2 foot hurdles, Under 3 foot hurdles. 48 hurdles in all.

15. Cargo Net - Balance, core and upper body strength will be on display in this obstacle. It's a simple 8 foot climb across the net. Again and again.

16. Tunnels - Get low and crawl through the sand!!!

17. Monkey Bars
8 feet across. You have to grab every bar. Competitors if you fall you must go back to the beginning.

18. Push Ups -
Crank them out.
Challengers – 40
Should feel real good after Monkey bars.

19. Ropes Slams
40ft, 2inches. Slam it as hard and as fast as you can for the allotted time. 2 hand slams ALL OUT! 30 seconds! Competitor - 60 seconds.

20. Sprint
100 yard Sprint to the finish line. Let's see what you have left in the tank.

Whew. I'm a little winded just reading it. What do you think??


  1. Whoa! That is a lot!
    I just found your blog and I'm enjoying it. :)