Friday, May 31, 2013

Not bitter...

I know, I know… MIA again. And this is going to be a short one too.
I’ve been hitting the gym and Tuff Girl like it’s my freaking JOB. Yesterday I dragged hubby with me and did the following. These are using machines.
In case you don’t get my cryptic language here, it’s laid out like this:
Exercise, weight x number of reps x number of sets
Leg ext 90x10x2
Seated leg curl  70x10x2, 2 @ 90
Glute press 85x12x1, 105x10x1
Lat pull down 90x8x1, 90x10x1
Chest press 65x10x1, 70x10x1
Tri’s 70x10x1, 75x8x1
Bi’s 50x8x1, 45x8x1

For the following, we were trying to figure out our max. Each of these is our max for 5 reps (K is me, A is the hubs). These are using dumbbells.

Double overhead shoulder press
Single overhead shoulder press
Single arm bent over row
Leg press
K=190 – I was a little disappointed in this number. I tried to go to 210, but couldn’t budge it.
A=390 – holy shit, I was proud of him!
I’m taking part in Nerd Fitness 6 Week Challenge that begins on Monday. I am still creating my 4 goals. I know what I want to do – it’s just putting them into SMART verbiage.
Tonight is a rest day. Tomorrow is the HULK at Tuff Girl and rehearsal, and Sunday we are busy all freaking day singing at a nursing home with church choir. Normally I am happy to do this, but we didn’t find out till last minute, we already need sitters for tonight and tomorrow because of rehearsals, and then with Sunday, I won’t see my babies all freaking weekend. I can’t say no, because I will probably be the only soprano, and the hubs is ALWAYS the only tenor. We are seriously depended on so “no” is just not an option, but it makes me angry. I don’t WANT it to make me angry – but my entire weekend might as well already be over.
But I’m not bitter.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

only a moment................................

I can't post now because I am doing 2 peoples jobs at work. One of my co-workers gave her notice a few weeks ago - they brought in a temp that didn't have enough time to learn the ropes, and so now I'm doing the co-workers job. It kinda sucks and I'm stressed. Mostly because I really don't know HOW to do her job, so I have to learn as I go - making everything take longer.

That's all I have time to write


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I am IronWOman!

I'm having one of those hungry days.... grrr... already moving onto Meal 3 and it's only 2:30!

Thing 1 had his school play today, and I loved every blessed second of it. He was "promoted" to "Father Sun" since the original was out sick. He was beaming and shined like a sun.

Disclaimer: I'm not getting paid for this. I don't know the peeps at Sworkit. I just thought it was cool, and you all would like to know about it. :-)

I worked out with this app called Sworkit, which I found through the fabulous Chubby McGee. I got the "pro" version, and tried it for the first time last night. I didn't know what to expect, and there were things I liked and disliked about it.

Setup: Different workouts for upper, lower, core, or whole body workouts. Also, seperate workouts for pure cardio, stretching and yoga. The best part is you can insert your OWN workout. Nice! There were also workouts that combined several of the catagories into workouts called "Bring the Pain", "Bootcamp" and "Rump Roaster". Love that. I chose to do "Bootcamp" last night. You chose the workout and the length of time you want to work. I did 30 minutes.

For the bootcamp workout, the program has you working in 30 second intervals, for 2 full minutes with no rest, then getting a 30 second break.

Liked: I don't have to think about the workout - the nice lady on my phone just tells me what to do, and I do it. And I sweat. A lot. There may or may not have been a little shaking by the end. Gotta love that.

Disliked: The program doesn't tell you what exercise is coming next, and because there is no transition time, you end up doing about 25 seconds of an exercise, as opposed to 30 seconds, because you are getting into position.

On the fence: Not sure if you can run your music along with the app. I love to workout to some kick-ass music, but I didn't think it would work together, so I worked out to the sound of my own heavy breathing and Thing 1 running around like a maniac upstairs. Lovely.

Over all, I am totally going to use this app at home. I don't like not knowing what exercise is coming up, but I can certainly deal with that. I am TOTALLY doing "Bring The Pain" next time!! Sounds right up my alley!

Fuel for today: This is going to get boring, folks. For you, not me.
coffee (x2)
M1: Quiche
M2: tri colored peppers with crock pot chicken, sprinkle of parm, banana
M3: 2 clean muffins, 2 tbs PB
pre workout: banana
Training: IronWOman @ Bodyology
M4: hmmm.... still up in the air. Might be some zucchini lasagna (sans Mozzarella) if I can get it baked in time.
water, water... got started late on my water and trying to make up for it now, consequentially peeing every 10 minutes.

  --->What I obviously look like when I do IronWOman.

IronWOman @ Bodyology is, as I have said before, my nemesis workout. I normally start with metabolic to I can finish it strong, but then tend to fall a little short on the strength section. Last time I started with strength, went to metabolic and finished with TRX, which I think was a good strategy, and I'm going to do it like that again.

Let me reiterate, that this is the workout I cried during the first time I did it. I still did it. But I cried.

Like. A. Baby.

So, everytime I DON'T cry during this one, I count it as a win. Ha!

Anyway, I will report back tomorrow on how it went.

I'm out for now! Peace to you all!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bad ass runs in the family

Tuesday – but I woke up thinking it was Thursday. Fail. Oh well.

First, I want to start with an Awesome article posted by my favorite tell-it-like-it-is-blogger, Norma. I love it, and it’s terrifying, because it’s totally true. TRUE - but we must take responsibility for ourselves! It would be FAR too easy to simply say "I'm fat because the food industry/society/my husband/mother is against me". Take. Responsibility. For. Yourself.

It sucks, but suck it up.

I trained last night - "Drowning in Sweat", indeed. I felt bad ass. It was awesome. I hex-bar dead-lifted 145 for 8 reps the first round, and 6 the second. My pushups are still elevated, but I am focusing on getting my chest to the box, and will continue to bring down the elevation, so when I am back on the floor, I am at a full chest-to-floor pushup. Tons of jump-rope, burpees and high knees interspersed with different strength intervals. I worked with a great partner in that I pushed myself to match her in things like burpees, which are my weakest exercise to do continuously.

Fuel for today:
Coffee with About Time
M1: Quiche
M2: crock pot chicken, 1 cup steamed broccoli, sprinkle of parmesan
M3: 2 clean muffins, 2 tbs PB
M4: No idea – something that doesn’t require cooking, ‘cause it’s like, 85 degrees out.

I will do a home work out later, a quick 25 minute HIIT, even though it’s hot, and I HATE to be hot. But, whatcha gonna do?

Picture day came and went for Josh. I cannot even stand that this is my little Thing 1 – 6 years old, but looking much older. I forgot it was school picture day (sue me) and so he went off to school with his temporary tattooed arms and Fineas and Pherb T-shirt. I think the tattoos make him look bad-ass. LOL. Of course, I am totally ordering prints – this is obviously the proof.

Here is another little photo treat. Me in 2005: smiling, but miserable...

I’m out for now guys – hope you are all out there getting it done! PEACE.

Monday, May 20, 2013

No M-F'IN Bueno

Afternoon, Bloggers:
I literally have 10 minutes left of work before I run, but I wanted to pop in quickly and give you the update.
Thanks for the little “no bueno” reminder KELLY – I agree, not eating on plan is NO MUTHER F’IN BUENO!
So, I am certainly back to eating on plan, no little off-tracks here and there. Just clean. No excuses.
The weekend was GREAT for eating. It was a struggle at times, but I pulled through. I also found a way to drink my coffee in the AM without any added shit.
I have figured it out financially to go to Tuff Girl at Bodyology 3 times per week from now through near the end of June. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but for me, it really is. Financially it’s very hard to find the funds, but I KNOW it will be worth it. Hubby is very supportive. Near the end of June, I will struggle to purchase the next class pass and I will use it for 3 classes per week, instead of the normal 1-2.
Went to class on Saturday, and I will go tonight, Wednesday and Saturday for the next few weeks. I am so freakin’ stoked.
Fuel for today:
Chilled coffee with 1 scoop “About Time” chocolate protein powder. Lovely
M1: clean quiche
M2: leftover spicy shrimp and veggies.
M3: 2 clean muffins with PB
Training: Drowning in Sweat
M4: 4 oz Italian crock pot chicken with steamed tri-colored peppers
Now working on 70-90 Oz of water.

I’ll be back tomorrow to give you more deets. I hope you are all making good choices!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sick and sicker

I went to Bodyology last night and worked my ass off. Mostly strength, with a massive metabolic finisher that almost finished me, but I played the mental games I needed to play to get through and I did it. 
I've decided that I'm going to do a muther f'in unassisted pull up by the end of the summer if it kills me. 
After the workout, I was actually nervous to drive. My adrenaline came crashing down and I was shaky and exhausted. I got home and crashed hard after dinner, shower and meds. I slept till 2, when Thing 2 woke up crying. Hubby got him back to sleep. At 3 Thing 2 was up with a nightmare, and by 4 he was up with a fever and sore throat. 
Sounded familiar.
So, I'm home today with Thing 1. Doc has said it is not strep, so that is a blessing. I can't say I'm sad about being home, since I still feel like crap-ola. 
And yes, still smelling the smoke. Glorious.
Guys, my eating is not great at all. I'm feeling super low-motivation. I will keep hanging on till my motivation moves into an up-swing. 
And now, the obligatory sicky photos:

Peace, peeps 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

random jumble and phantosmia

I have so much random stuff going on in my brain right now, that I will warn you – this post will likely be scattered and not make a ton of sense. You have been warned.
Last final completed last night. YES. Now I have a whole 2.5 weeks till I start my summer class! At least that one is online only, thankfully! Meaning I can get it done on my lunch breaks at work, after the kids go to bed, and on weekends. It’s only 4 weeks. I’ll make it work. One step closer!
I am expecting A’s in both classes. Actually, probably A and A-. I’m really grateful, but I put a lot of stressful hard work into making sure these classes didn’t get the better of me, even being away from them for a few weeks in March.
I woke up this morning (actually I first noticed it at 3AM when Thing 2 got up briefly) that my throat hurt and felt all swollen and closed up. WTF people?? I was JUST sick last week! I don’t think I’m sick, however, I think it’s just horrendous allergies. My hubby said he feels the same way this morning. Maybe it was a bad idea to leave the window open while sleeping last night? I dunno.
(edited later to add – I now have a headache, and my body feels like it’s been hit by a truck)
So, my first thought is a nice, hot beverage will do WONDERS for this throat thing. SO, I go for a coffee cocoa. M-Fer. It was so freaking good. So, of course, bring the little addict that I am I walked down the hall to get another. However (and this is where you can stop rolling your eyes at my indiscretions) I got down the hall, and decided that this was enough. No more. I got some hot water and made some herbal tea.
I’m done.
This will not derail my day. I will not feel as though I’ve “already f*cked up, so who cares if I eat…” This black-and-white thinking is something I think a lot of people battle. It starts out innocently – “just one”, and then rolls forward to another, or more, and then becomes “well, screw it”.
Not today.
The breaks have been applied.
Fuel for the day (including my indiscretion)
Coffee cocoa
Meal 1: clean quiche
Water, tea
Meal 2: 4 oz plain Greek yogurt, 4 oz blackberries
Meal 3: 2 slices Ezekiel bread, toasted, with 2 tbs PB, 1 cup steamed broccoli with garlic salt
Meal 4: 1 banana, 2 hard boiled eggs
Training – Relentless @ Bodyology
Meal 5: large veggie salad, 4 oz organic chicken, grilled up with some seasoning and fresh pineapple.
I’m going for my first mid-week training session tonight. I’m so excited to get to Bodyology 2x per week in the summer and have to time to hit the gym another 3 or so days.
While I was pregnant with Thing 2, I was diagnosed with this thing called phantosmia. It’s when you smell things that aren’t really present in your environment. I was checked out and it was deemed that it was not due to anything serious. My doc was unsure why I developed it during pregnancy, and sure enough, when I had Thing 2, it did seem to go away.
Now it would be one thing if the smell was something pleasant. Flowers, rain… you get the idea. But I smelled cigarette smoke.

All. The. time. I smelled it so much, I felt like I could taste it. I’ve never been a smoker but have been around many of them. It may be the worst smell I can possibly think of to plague me day and night. And now, my friends, I have it again. Let me say this before you get any smart ideas:
But here it is, in all its smoky glory. It’s revolting. It’s giving me a headache. NOTHING gets rid of it. I spray pretty fragrant mists around me and it helps for a few seconds and then it’s back. Same with eating – eating a meal helps, but does not get rid of the smell.
I’m praying this goes away very soon. It’s killin’ me.
Alright, I have to get back to work here. As mentioned above, when I started this post, I was feeling ok, and that’s going downhill. I just have to make it to 4:00 and through my workout…
Good God, its only 11:41.
Pray for me.

Monday, May 13, 2013

No Longer MIA

Sorry I’ve been MIA – maybe you didn’t notice. No matter.
I was pretty sick last week, and I struggled with my eating big time. It’s a battle I will never be rid of. No matter how much weight I lose, I will always struggle and battle with food.
On the bright side, I bought a pair of size 10 capris this weekend. I never would have even thought to try them on – I mean, if you had asked me before yesterday, I would have told you I was a size 14 bottom. For real. For “fun” I tried on a 12, so see how far I had to go to get into them. Pulled them on, zipped, buttoned, no problem. I showed hubby and he said told me they looked too big. I danced around the store a second and grabbed a 10. A little snug, but there was no way I was going to pass up getting my very first pair of size 10’s. I always assumed I would be at least a 12 in pants, cause, well, of the junk in the trunk. Yup. Big ass. I’m embracing my shape (not my weight, not my strength – both of which I am working on still, but my SHAPE) junk and all, and was going to settle for my bottoms always being larger than my tops. Well, people – MAYBE NOT
I was going to take a picture, but well, I forgot. I’ll try to remember it later and post it.
Tonight I have a take-home math exam and budgeting project due. I also have my final for one of my classes tonight. My 2nd final is tomorrow night. I feel like an insane person right now. I just need it to be over. I’m so tense, I feel like my shoulders are in my ears.
Cooked up clean eats yesterday and trying very hard to be diligent. I have not been 100% clean today so far, but I am taking things one step at a time. Yes, I’m cutting myself a little slack with the caffeine especially because of finals. I’m OK with that.
Wednesday begins my super-duper training schedule. I am SO PSYCHED. I’m going to train for this maniac like my life depends on it, and then I am going to top it off with a “Strong is Beautiful” photo shoot. That’s right. I’m going to go in for a photo shoot at Bodyology at the end of summer, and show off some of this well earned muscle.
BUT – I can’t really think about any of this until AFTER TOMORROW NIGHT.
Fuel for today:
Coffee with cocoa
Meal 1: Quiche
Meal 2: red pepper stuffed with quinoa, black beans and rotel
Handful of M&M’s, coffee
Meal 3: 4 oz plain greek yogurt with 4 oz blue berries
Meal 4: Clean muffins, 2 tbs PB

I hope you are all well, and those of you who celebrate – Happy belated Mother’s Day.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Superhero with a headache

Morning Monday Bloggers - or, Monday Morning. Whichever.

I am unsure if I am suffering seriously from allergies or a head cold, but either way, I am feeling really nasty. Really, really awful.

Moving on.

The Superhero Workout on Saturday was freaking awesome. It was hard, super fun, and people really went all out with costumes. We had a lot of capes, crowns and a lot of superhero sweat going on.

I see a lot of improvement on things. Jumprope is a huge one. I'm getting really fast and getting in tons of reps before getting it caught on my shoes. Fun!

No workout for me yesterday. That was when I started not feeling good, but I was also out at the park running around with the kids, climbing moneky bars and the like. That was enough for me.

Todays fuel:
coffee (yes, this happened this morning)
Meal 1: Quiche (a nice, big piece)
Meal 2: 4 oz mexican spiced shredded chicken (from the crock pot. Seriously, my hubby is a master with the spices), 1/2 sweet potato, 1 cup steamed broccoli, banana
Meal 3: Clean muffins, 2 tbs PB
Meal 4: Not sure. Won't be home till after 9.

So close to being done with school. This is the last week of classes, and next week is finals. So this week will suck, but it will get tons better after Tuesday of next week.

Working on a new show with the theater company. Still on the search committee, but choir ends in less than a month. That will take a little more off the stress/schedule.

There will be no workout today, unless I leave here early and can take a walk, but that's all I would feel up to. I would love to just flop down on the couch and sleep. I think it would be frowned upon, however, to fall asleep on my desk.

That's all I can come up with today, my peeps. Much love and peace to you all!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Teeny tiny

This is a tiny update - cause it's super duper busy today.
Yesterdays workout went great. I didn't stick to my list perfectly, because there was just so much cool stuff to use, like battle ropes and weighted sleds. BUT, mostly I did the list, twice through, and added a bunch of reps for each action. I was dying by the end, cause I kept going with no breaks.
One lesson learned, however. I couldn't get my hands on a barbell for dead-lifts, so I thought it would be smart to use kettle bells for romanian dead lifts. 45 lbs per hand. This did not go well. I think it's becuase of the center of gravity on the bells being different than even using dumbells. More strain on my backs than quads. Well, I know better for next time.
1: Quiche
2: PB and paleo muffins
3: large veggie salad with black bean/peppers/tomatoes/pineapple/onion.
4: Not sure

I feel SO HUNGRY today. Ever have one of those days? Well, it's 1:15 and I'm officially out of food, so I gotta drink lots of water and suck it up!

Later peeps!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rockin' the Gym

I love to read all of the peeps who are starting on the Whole 30, or embarking on the difficult task of taking pics of every morsel of food they put in their mouths. It requires dedication, persistence and honesty with oneself. 

ANYONE can post picture of a healthy meal and then turn around and eat a Big Mac. But in the end, who suffers? Not the dis-enchanted readers!

All you guys taking on challenges this May ROCK MY SOCKS. You are AWESOME.

No pics, but here is the rundown of the fuel today:
Meal 1: quiche
Meal 2: large veggies salad, 1 oz almonds, 4 oz chicken breast, 2 tbs oil and vinegar.
Meal 3: 1 Paleo/clean muffin, 1 small (yes, small) banana, 2 tbs PB
Training Day!
Meal 4: hoping for some spicy shrimp and veggies... gotta convince the hubby or suck it up and do it myself. LOL
Lots of water - more to come.

This is the work out for the gym right after work:

30 jumping jacks

20 TRX chest press

10 exploding shoulder press #25

5 Burpees/ 10 Box Jumps

30 plank jacks

20 TRX row

10 Rom dead-lift - not sure of # yet - about 125#?

5 burpees / 10 Box Jumps

30 jump rope

20 TRX jump squats

10 pushups

5 burpees / 10  Box Jumps


I'm feeling pretty bad-ass about it, for sure. We'll see how I feel after!

That's all for now. I'm outta here - Peace.