Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Beautiful Family Evening

I have to share about my incredible family evening from yesterday. 

Since Thing 2 (my youngest - will be 4 in August) has been learning to use his words and behave himself, family time together is slowly becoming time of joy and excitement, rather than me feeling like all I do is yell and say "NO". 

I'm so blessed. Seriously. I know I'm not going to get this time back with them. All the more reason I am SO glad there is NO school this summer!

We started putting themes together for each day. Monday is usually park night, but Thing 1 decided he wanted to go for a hike. So, it was dinner on the front grass, picnic style, and then off on our adventure!
Thing 2, Leading the way. I know he is going to be a leader all his life. He's so independent already!

His joy in taking our nature walk was infectious and indescribable.
Thing 2 kept squealing "I LOVE hunting!" HA! We don't hunt. We were hiking. He kept saying hunting, and I just kept laughing!

Hubby making this time a teaching time. Telling the boys all about the different birds, animals, etc. He would live in the woods if he could! The boys were fascinated! 
Especially this one!
My Thing 1. Already 7. How much longer will he want to snuggle me and give me hugs and kisses? Probably not much longer. You bet your ass I am going to take advantage!
The boys were happy, active and awesome all night. Even after we were back home, the mood was light and sweet. I felt a sigh of relief. 

I have a final on Thursday and one NEXT Thursday. So close to the end - I'm hanging on by a thread!
Getting my workouts in, eating well, but I have been sucking at logging everything and at drinking my water. Working on the water as we speak.

Keep moving forward...

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