Friday, May 2, 2014

Random-O Friday Post!!

Ooooohhhhh!!! I'm here!!! LOL

The end of the semester is a KILLER. Even when I try to get a little ahead on school work to prepare for "the end" I still feel bombarded. 

Good news: Classes end next Thursday.
Bad news: I still have tons of homework and 2 finals to accomplish before that!

BUT - one step at a time. I'll get through it, and I cannot WAIT till I have summer off of class! I don't think I have taken a summer off of classes since I started back to school.

Let's see - updates - 
I've been doing more home/gym workouts. Mostly a funds issue - dwindling down to my last few Tuff Girl workouts and then I guess I'll have to take a break from there until I have some money. I don't see this happening soon. You know how I feel about that, so I'm not going to go into it.

However, using my fearless-fitness Leader, Christa ( for inspiration, I am trying my damnedest to keep the workout intensity high.

Here is an example of what I did on Wednesday night after the bobbins were in bed. I dragged the hubby through too. He insists I am trying to kill him:
4 minute rounds. You continue to oscillate between exercises until 4 min is up.

Well - it WAS tough. But, WTF, it's SUPPOSED to be tough!!

I'm trying out this new protein:

Taste is good. There is not one SHRED of junk in here. My only issue has been the texture - a little gritty. So, I'm going to experiment this weekend by making it my actual breakfast (instead of plain as a supplement) and adding some other things to it (1/2 banana, maybe some plain yogurt, etc). After my experiments, I will report back!

Some other fun things:
miserable 3 yr old wanting his Dada and NOT his Mama!

85 on my math test! Worked really hard and did not think I had done this well! 
I was reading a very popular (not sure why, anymore) blog. This is someone who pretty famously lost weight and now has re-gained about 1/2 of what she initially lost. This particular post basically talked about how all the weight-loss bloggers regain their weight. She says it's practically impossible to keep it off. 

She is digging her own grave.

As soon as she makes it "OK" in her head that she has re-gained 50 some-odd because other bloggers have re-gained - she's doomed. I anticipate the weight will continue to creep on her and she will continue to try crazy diets and make lots of excuses.

I have owned my re-gain. Yes, I have put some weight back on. No, I don't like it - nor do I accept it. I don't care who else re-gains. I WILL NOT BE that person who just accepts it.

I am not doing my best for my weight loss right now. But I am doing my best for my life right now. I will never blame my re-gain on anyone but myself. But I do have one thing to say.

I AM continuing to keep off over 150 lbs. 

No, I am not in maintenance, but I refuse to re-gain ANY more weight than I already have. But I feel comfortable being confident in that fact, because there are no excuses or blame passing going on over here. 

OK, off my soap box.

Random section of this post:

- I have an audition tomorrow for a part I really want in a summer musical. Wish me luck!

- I am listening to Tori Amos "From the Choirgirl Hotel". Bringing me back to my college days!

- I had a job interview on Wednesday. It sounds boring as shit. I think I'm not into it.

-Hubby and I are planning our summer to make each day of the week a certain theme. "Adventure" Sunday (hike or walk day), "Story-time" Saturday (Library visit), etc. I love the idea and I think the kids will dig it.

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