Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Different ways to be accountable

Is it just me, or is Tuesday the hardest day of the week? Ugh! LOL

I know I'm not updating here as much, but I'm alive and well on Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter!

I have a lot of things swimming around in my head and I have jotted some down, in parts, on paper. But nothing is really ready to be shared. So, instead I'll give you the basic update:

I don't know what I weigh right now. After a semi-breakdown, I have stayed off the scale for a bit. My eating is good. I've been posting pics of meals on my Facebook page and Instagram, and I have been logging so I can watch myself. I don't know when I will weigh in again. 

Some food picks: Yummy stuff!
Best burger EVER!

Simple, crunchy salad

Workouts have been awesome! Here is one I did last night at home, outside with the family. Thing 1 LOVES to workout with me!

20 step ups
5 push-ups
100 jump rope
40 band punches
50 power jacks
20 band rows
20 mountain climbers
15 band squat and press
5 push-ups
10 band resisted side up downs (each)
100 jump rope
10 band pull aparts
25 speed skaters
40 band upper cuts
30 skis
20 plank jacks
20 band pull throughs
45 second plank
45 second side plank
45 second side plank
45 second reverse plank

Thing 1 would read the exercise, and then ask me how many he should do. I told him the number I was doing, and let him know if he wanted to do less, it was OK (He's 7, guys!). A few times (like, with jump-rope) he opted to do less, or do something different. I just kept telling him "As long as you are moving your body and having fun, that's all that matters!" He said "Mama, this is SO fun!" WIN!
Family Planking!
I got a new, higher resistance band for the rows and squat -and-press:
Thing 2 laying on the grass in the background "I'm tired, mama!" Ha!
It was a gorgeous night and PERFECT to be outside. We came in after the workout just as a sunshower started, which gave us THIS amazing gift:

Gorgeous Double Rainbow!

Besides that, things have been calming down since finals ended. Just waiting to get my final grades for the semester. We shall see!

How are you guys doing out there? 

Keep moving forward!


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