Thursday, May 29, 2014

YIKES!! What a cluster!

First, Go read THIS

Go ahead, I'll wait.

Then, let us all let out a collective: Holy Shit.

I mean, I think we all knew that things were bad. I personally didn't know it was 30% of the world's population kind of bad.

I was talking with my hubby about it, and he had the following to say. I think they are truly valid points:

Has anyone done research as to why this is so huge in the US? Could it be:

1-      Amount of processed foods consumed

2-      Price of processed foods so much lower than whole foods making budgets stretch farther

3-      Amount of GMO’s in our food

4-      Amount of Growth Hormones used in our food

5-      Decrease in industrial jobs from being shipped overseas resulting in high unemployment rate

6-      Increase in demands set on workers in desk jobs to work longer hours with less breaks and time off

7-      Technology taking over manual tasks that no longer need to be performed by humans

8-      Accessibility to computers/video games/TV/etc so ingrained that people no longer go out and do stuff – they sit with their noses in screens

It’s a lot larger issue than people eating too many calories and not exercising. That to me is just the easy excuse to use because if we as a society were to really start looking at what all these great strides that were made in the past 20-30 years to make mankind’s life easier has done, or what the quest for the mighty dollar has lured businesses and government to do, it is not as simple a solution as telling people what to eat and to exercise. I’m not saying diet and exercise isn’t part of the equation, but I feel it’s a much smaller part of the big picture than what the people funding the studies/government are willing to admit or let it on to be.

I think there is so much YES to all of the above. Eating right and exercising are very important, but it's not always about "lack of will-power" for those having trouble with that. The above gives perfect ideas as to other reasons, besides someones personal character (because let's face it - when someone tells you to "just use will power" they are making a character judgement that you are lazy. Lazy/unmotivated = societal wretch)

The increase in obesity in other countries can be pointed to the increase in westernization that is filtering across the world. Processed foods and electronics abounding. What a cluster.

There is another aspect of this announcement of the obesity percentage is something quite opposite. The only reason I can even write about it is because I thought it myself. 

As a not-as-fat-but-still-fat person, I read the article and at one point, this ran through my head:

"Well, if so many people are fat now, it won't be so bad if I am still fat."

This, of course, comes from the disordered mind of a food addict, and is in direct correlation to my upbringing. While growing up, I didn't want to lose weight to be healthy - I wanted it to fit in. I wanted it so I wouldn't be bullied. I wanted to be "normal".

Now, it appears that fitting in is not so much of an issue.

Luckily for me, my reasons for getting (and staying) fit have changed and expanded. But there is obviously a little part of me in there that cares about being smaller in order to fit the societal norm.   

Let me also say (because I know some of you might be thinking it) that I KNOW there is still stigma against overweight people. I know it because I still experience it. This aspect was merely brought up to expose the absurdity of my brain. 

Yup, I'm a nut job.
Post upper-body/core workout on Tuesday

BUT, I'm a nut job who is still working, to get to my goals of being fit, strong and always striving for 200# down.

Keep moving forward..............

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  1. That's insane!! While I was in the States I gained a lot of weight and thinking about it I believe it might have been mostly because:

    - Too easy and cheap to get crap food. You can get to a junk fast food drive through in less than 10 minutes pretty much anywhere in the North West. Does it mean you have to?! No, but I was taking care of 3 kids and sometimes needed to go somewhere and these places where everywhere!! McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks, etc.

    - Lack of cheap healthy options. I discovered that chain supermarkets would put really weird stuff on their salads for example i once found that the contents of a pack of lettuce were lettuce and sugar. Why?! Then I realized something even worse...The same package WITHOUT sugar was more expensive! Quite more expensive actually. So if you follow a budget it's hard to stay healthy that way.

    I anyways believe every market and every country has its problems with health I wonder how much healthier the world would be with a bit of consciousness

    Have a good one