Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gym Time - I almost talked myself out of it.

I almost talked myself out of it.

I was on the highway, driving to the gym, and I almost convinced myself to "just go home" and "workout later". 

It had been a tough Monday, and I knew hubby was having a tough time with the boys.

I suggested he bring them to the gym and meet me.

He declined.

I almost talked myself out of it.

But then, I drove by my exit. Down 2 more exits to the gym.

I'm SO glad I did.

After I got changed I checked out "my corner". The corner of the gym with the turf, sleds, TRX, ropes, etc. That's where I always go now. 

It was REALLY full. Facility trainers training clients.


So, I stood there for a moment. I wasn't even sure of my workout yet, so I took a moment to put it into my phone:

6 rounds. 35/15 (work/rest)

Round 1
Single arm row L (#35)
Single arm row R (#35)
Weighted squats (#35)

Round 2 (Now referred to as my "WTF round")
Power jacks
Plank jacks
Squat jacks

Round 3
TRX chest press
TRX Plank
TRX Y fly

Round 4
Switch steps
Box jump to burpee

Round 5
Rope variation x3

Sled pushes

305x2 lengths
335x4 lengths

I decided to squeeze around people and just do my thing. This is hard for a fat girl (formerly fatter girl) who always feels like she is in everyone's "way"

The most gratifying moment of the workout (besides the end. Ha!) was a TRAINER looking at me slamming ropes and saying "Wow".

Yeah, that happened.

My sleds: 
305 (sled = 100, 4x45, 1x25)

335 (Sled = 100, 4x45, 2x25)
I'm also down more on the scale. Feeling really good. My Diet Bet is officially over and I exceeded my weight loss goal by 2 lbs. YES. Not sure how much $$ I'll get, but it'll be at least as much as I put in.

Today's workout is Day 1 of C25K again. I haven't run in a while, so I am restarting the program to train with a friend who wants to do a 5K in October. It will be good to build up my stamina for my next mud run, WARRIOR DASH! That will be on Sept 20!

Now, something that pissed me off:
You DESERVE a donut?? Ridiculous.

That's all! Keep moving forward!

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