Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cleanse - week 2

Into week 2 of the cleanse. Went astray a little this weekend, but I am moving past it and forward. What can one do? Soldier on. That's all. Even though I went off track a little, I have still (and continue to) rid my body of a lot of junk. Eating clean just makes me feel really good. Energetic, and...well... just great. It's an awesome way to eat, but it takes a lot of prep and planning. As someone who is a mother of 2, has 2 jobs, and school, church, and theater on the "side" this is not easy. I find I am able to do it *most* of the time. That, at this point, is good enough.

Did I forget to mention I'm not perfect? Oh wait, if you have been reading along, you already know that.

I've lost some weight, and that's nice. I'll let you know how much at the end of the week.

Dealing with home/family/kid stuff... Daycare is so pricey, and it seems like all they do is call us to come get the kids of one reason or another. It's crazy. Thank goodness I love the program, and I KNOW Josh really needs to be in school, full time, as he is. But boy, I would give anything to be able to yank Sammy out of there and save some money.

I know, boo-hoo. Story of every working parents life.

Nothing super exciting going on (that I can really talk about, anyway). I'm trudging along. Classes wrapping up, holidays coming close. Doesn't feel Christmas-y to me. Hopefully I'll get more jolly as it gets closer.

How do you feel about the approaching holidays?

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