Wednesday, April 18, 2012

164, and other numbers

I have been procrastinating big time on blogging. I don't know why... I just haven't been into it. But, here I am. Just a like e good workout, I know I will feel better once I do it.

Speaking of workouts, I have re-started TurboFire. I started on Sunday. Today is my "rest day", even though it was supposed to be yesterday. I have to tweaking the scheduling of the program a little, because of my schedule for the next few weeks. I like it a lot, and even though it's all cardio, the kickboxing moves really work my upper body. My shoulders have been killing me! I am still working it at Tuff Girl on Saturday mornings, and still very excited to start 2 days a week near the beginning of May. I feel like between the 2 studios, I will be ready in September.
This past Saturday we did a Mud -Run specific workout at Tuff Girl. It was amazing. The one thing I was super worried about - rope pulls - I did in FABULOUS fashion! The ropes were tied to the top of the TRX. You lay down on your back underneath the rope and, with your feet planted on the ground, you use your arms to pull yourself to standing, and then lower yourself back down (Which was definitely harder!). Boy, did I hurt after this workout, but I was SO proud.
This coming Saturday is the Iron (Wo)Man workout. This is the one I cried at last time. I am a little scared. Ok, a lot scared. But, I will be there.
Alright, enough procrastinating. Eating has not been great. It hasn't been TERRIBLE... but not great. But, I keep trudging along. I am starving, starving today. Packed good food, but I've already eaten it all and I have class till 8. Damn. Not even sure what is on the docket for dinner. The worst thing you can do is be hungry, on the verge of eating crap, and walk into your house with NO concept of what to have...  *sigh*

Here are some random numbers for you:
2 - Dietetic classes left for the semester
3 - Bio labs left for the semester
4 - days in a row I have exercised
5 - Biology classes left in the semester - 2 tests will be given within those 5 classes. W.T.F.
164 - Days till my Rugged Maniac
40 - number of pounds I can goblet squat
3 - number of assistance bands I need to even come CLOSE to a pull up... haven't actually done one yet.
30 - number of pounds I still want to lose before being evaluated for plastic surgery.

Speaking of surgery... Thing 1 asked me the other night while we were rocking before putting him to bed - "Why do your arms have these hangy things?" (while he squishes my hanging skin - yuck) I told him my arms were just that way, and changed the subject. They are seriously so gross. My stomach, hips, legs... everything just covered in hanging skin. I will never look like those fantastically fit chicks I look up to, because even if my muscles are SWEET, you will never see them....

Ok, this is full of randomness, so I am going to sign off now...

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  1. I realize I am going to resent you deeply because you may get to have plastic surgery and I can only dream of having it (no money and insurance does not cover cosmetic - although I debate that decision) - and I have arms so hangy they wrap around. It is hard sometimes to realize I may have this skin my whole life. On the other hand, I will take the hanging skin over the puffy fat that filled it every time.