Monday, April 9, 2012

173 and 34

173 days, my friends, until I run my Rugged Maniac. 34 years old, as of this past Saturday. I spent that day with my little tribe. My soon-to-be 5 year olds birthday present was a trip to a wonderful toddler size amusement park. He rode every ride possible. The hubs and I rode with him, of course, taking turns walking around with the little one - since rides just aren't his thing. It occurred to me that it wasn't so long ago that I would not have been able to fit on any of those rides. I was able to. Many of them with room to spare. I was able to partake in the joy that my little man exuded as he spun us around till I thought I'd lose my lunch. We laughed, we screeched. We did it again and again. It was pure joy. My eating has not been joyful. Traveling totally got the best of me. I was NOT prepared. This is a choice I made. I could have worked harder to prepare myself. I chose not to. Look, folks. This is life. Shit happens. We fall down. We have to get back up. We lose focus. It's really freakin' hard. But we have to keep doing it again and again. I will keep going. No matter what. Not just for weight loss, but for sanity and health and to see the faces of my little tribe for many, many years. My exercise continues to suffer. I am ready to get moving again. My poor abused body is aching for it. I am going to try my damndest to get in a workout tonight. I'm still recovering from the weekend and serious lack of sleep. I am eating really well today. Here is the menu: 20 oz water, 2 scoops click protein powder. B: 2 morningstar veggie sausage patties, 2 tbs natural pb L: large salad, chopped veggies (spinach, romaine, cucumber, red pepper, tomato, carrots, 1 marinated artichoke heart, 10 green olives, 1 oz almonds, 1/4 cup red kidney beans, 2 tbs less oil Good Seasons dressing S: 1 medium banana, baked kale (sooooo good) Class: 20 oz water, 2 scoops click protein powder D: This is still up in the air.** ** It's up in the air because we were away all weekend and I didn't get to the grocery store! I'm finishing up 70 oz of water, NOT including the water with the protein shake. You might notice this menu is lacking in dairy... ah yes. I'm not ruling it out totally, but the milk in the morning sugar free mocha (besides the fact that it was WAY too freaking expensive!) seems to be the source of my terrible gas. I will likely have some cheese later with dinner, but the amounts over all are cut waaaaay down. I have just purchased another 10 class pass to Tuff Girl (B-Day present from my mommy!) and I have signed myself up through the beginning of June. As soon as May hits - I'm in 2x per week. NO excuses once there is no school in the evening! I can't freakin’ WAIT. Speaking of school... I am SOOOO close to skipping class tonight. *sigh*. I know I just need to go, but I would love to go to the gym instead, and still make it home to put the munchkin to bed. Not gonna happen, I guess. I gotta just go to class... Thank goodness it's the shorter one tonight. After class, it's home for dinner and homework for tomorrow's class. (Yes, just like in high school and college the FIRST time around, I wait till the last minute and drive myself crazy. Hey, at least I have an excise now, I actually have other things that need to be done!) So, yeah. I'm 34. It's practically 40. Ok, I'm joking, but it's hard to look back on another year gone... what did I do with it? Did I make it worth wild? Ok, before I get all nostalgic - I'm out, peeps.

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