Wednesday, April 11, 2012


You guys know I don't do a lot of recipes on here, but when I find one that one of you out there might enjoy, I have to share. I got this one from Mrs. Prevention at her fab website Prevention RD. She posted these Greek Pizzas yesterday, and I tried them last night: The verdict is they are amazing. Super filling, and the hubs is also in love! I used reduced fat mozzarella and reduced fat feta, but that's just me.

I brought a leftover pizza for lunch today. Delish.

Ok, moving on.

Food has been good since Monday. I was really craving hardcore last night, so instead of fighting it, I just went to bed. This morning, seriously lacking caffeine, I was also seriously feigning some not-good-for-me foods. I really had to breathe through it and work it out. I identified the problem (Total exhaustion and lack of coffee!) and I remedied what I could. One moment at a time...

I am going to start keeping track of my workout routines again. I am considering myself "in training" now, and I need to work like it. I have not been able to run, but I did 35 min of kickboxing on Tuesday night, and 40 minutes of interval training last night. Tonight is class, so it's a rest day, and tomorrow after work will be a run. The run is going to SUCK because I have not been on top of it. I'm running a 5K next weekend and it will not be as good as the Shamrock n Roll. But, I will still do it. I briefly thought about not going, but I am going to consider it my workout for that day, and that is all. What will be, will be.

Ok, well, I am very scattered and spacey right now, so I'm gonna sign off and attempt to work.

Later peeps!

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  1. I sooo need to try harder to give up caffeine but I just can't seem to do it yet.