Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rugged Maniac and Fitathalon!

As I previously mentioned, I am involved in 2 different events coming up in the next few weeks. Don’t let the time line fool you – I have been focused on The Rugged Maniac for months. The Fitathalon just recently came to light. Because I discovered I had the opportunity to volunteer for the race and run it (for free – yea volunteering!), I grabbed it.

The Rugged Maniac is the same race I ran last year. Anyone who has been following me that long (bless your soul!), you may remember I felt very let down after it. When I decided to sign up again, it was ages ago. I decided to form my own team for it, and to run it Saturday. The team consisted of me and 3 other people. So excited! Until…. 

Unfortunately, for a myriad of reasons, the other 3 members of my little team are unable to race. So it’s just me. On my own.

This is…. Nerve wracking, of course. 

BUT, it’s also a chance to challenge myself and run my OWN race. Not “with” or “for” anyone but me.

My strategy: I’m not in this for time. I’m in it to conquer every obstacle on the course. I don’t care if it takes me 3 hours. I am going to take each one down.

One. By. One.
Each wall.
Each pit.
Each hill.
Each climb.
One at a time.

I don’t care if people are zipping by me. That is not what this race is going to be about for me. It’s going to be about analyzing what I need to do to get through each one on my own.

And sometimes it’s going to be about just running at it full force and praying. LOL

I feel a *little* less nervous because I know what to expect (mostly). But still there is some anxiety.

Then, there is the Fitathalon.

The Fitathalon is more local, and is a great event. My trainer, Christa WON the competitor (highest) level of the Fitathalonlast year. This year, well, she is “training for two” and so running races is not in the cards right now.

At her advice, I signed up for a level that “scared” me. There are 4 levels. Newbie, Beginner, Challenger, and Competitor.

I signed up for Challenger.

I have never thought of myself as a challenger when it comes to going up against other people. But, then I thought about how I have been challenging MYSELF in so many different ways in the past few months and years. So, once again, this race is not about anyone else but me. I don’t know anyone else in my heat right now, but that’s ok. I’m concentrating on my OWN race.

The fitathalon is a 5k obstacle race that has no mud, fire or electrocution, etc. From their website:

Fitathlons are for everyone – Beginners, who are looking to have fun and enjoy the obstacles and serious athletes, looking to capture the purse. We divide the participants up so you participate with other fitathletes who share similar goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie, beginner, challenger, orcompetitor you’re bound to have a great experience and be challenged like never before. A fitathlon is not a Tough Mudderor Spartan Race or any other event that includes mud, fire, water or electrocution!!!! None of that stuff. While we do have obstacles the comparison ends there. Your heart rate will get up and stay up the entire race. Your legs will feel like jello and you will be exhausted when you finish but you’ll be thrilled with your accomplishment.

And that is all I want!

“A Fitathlon is a fitness challenge that tests your strength, endurance, athleticism and mental toughness. Fitahlon’schallenges have 15-20 obstacles that take place over a 5k or 10k distance. The obstacles include but are not limited to speed and agility, strength, endurance, balance and core strength”


Since I have never done one, I have NO pre-conceived notions. I am going to go and do my best. Similar to RM, I am going to take one thing at a time. Get through it. Move on.

Mentally, that’s all I can do.

If I looked at these 2 races as a whole – I do believe a freak-out would ensue! LOL

So that’s what’s up and coming. There will be re-caps galore!

How are you challenging yourself this fall??

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  1. Your before and after pictures are amazing! Great job.

    The Rugged Maniac sounds interesting. I am nowhere near being able to compete or race like that. I am challenging myself this fall by starting my blog and posting my actual weight right at the top for all the world to see, to motivate myself to make that number drop!