Friday, September 20, 2013

Giving it up

Sometimes shit happens you don’t plan on and it really screws things up.

I got into a car accident last month.
I was not hurt, the other driver was not hurt, but my car was totaled.

Consequentially, I had to get another (used) car. My husbands 1998 Lumina also decided it had had enough and shit the bed. Yes, at the same time. So two new used cars for us.

It was a blessing that what I got from the insurance company for my car was enough to put a down payment on both new/used cars and it brought the payment for both cars into a number we could “afford” (Afford being subjective)

So, last night in the mail, I get a bill. I open it. Student loan bill. Pretty hefty amount. But I don’t fret. I’m in school part time, and when you are in school, your student loan bills are deferred. So, I called. I figured they just didn’t know I was still in school.

Nope. They knew.

Apparently, graduate school loans have a much shorter in-school deferment time. And I have apparently exhausted mine.
Starting in October, I will have another very large bill to pay.

There is no money in our already over-extended budget for this.

Unless I give up Bodyology and get a second job.

That is literally the only solution we can come up with.

My hubby tries to console me by telling me it’s only temporary. I know, I know… but it doesn’t matter.

Bodyology is like a saving grace to me. It’s like my sanity…

Just typing it makes me tear up. Never mind tear up – outright cry.

Bodyology is not just a training facility. It is certainly not “just a gym”.

It’s a fitness family that has helped me truly find my best self. The encouragement, the love… it’s unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I have done things with their encouragement that I never, ever, ever thought I could do.

Yes, I will keep my gym membership.

Yes, I will try to incorporate the things I have learned into what I will do there.

And I might sound like a spoiled child, but it’s just not the same.

Unfortunately, I have to do what I have to do.

Pulling up my big-girl panties, wiping me tears, and moving forward.


  1. Aw girl, this makes me tear up a little with you, as I understand the just not being able to afford it place you are in. I do hope that the investment you are putting into your education comes back and pays you ten fold. I don't know where I would be without my degree, so I think they are good investments.

    I do hope it's only temporary, and that you'll be back to Bodyology before too long. Man, life sucks some times for sure.