Monday, September 16, 2013


ETF: Eating the Food
LTW: Lifting the Weights

I am doing both! And damn, it feels good.

Let's talk about Lifting the Weights first... here are my 1 rep maxes on my main lifts right now:

Barbell Shoulder Press: 70
Coventional Deadlift: 215
Bench Press: 100
Back Squat: 135

I started seriously concentrating on lifting about 4 weeks ago. One my first time conventional dead-lifting, I pulled a 205 1 rep max. And actually, I ended up pulling that 3 times. LOL. FIRST TIME OUT. It was THRILLING.

I am focused-lifting 2x per week at FMA Performance (the other 1/2 of Tuff Girl),1 time at Tuff Girl, plus one more day at the gym, where I usually put together my own circuit, depending on what I have been focused on in my other workouts.

Lifting heavy shit just makes you feel badass

Let's talk about Eating The Food...

I am eating about 2000 calories per day, maybe a little more on days I lift really heavy. At first, when my metabolism was figuring out what the hell I was doing with all that food, I put on about 8 lbs over around a month. That's a lot in a little time!

BUT, I had to trust the process.


And isn't THAT the point???

YES, it IS!!!

I'll give you an idea of what I am eating. Here is todays menu:

Iced coffee with dark chocolate almond milk (yes, with real, regular sugar)
Pumpkin Blueberry oatmeal bake (And Oxygen Mag (RIP)favorite!)
Stuffed red bell pepper (Stuffing: ground turkey breast seasoned spicy, with black beans and some cheese on top)
small piece of pumpkin chocolate chip bread (I mean, this stuff is to die for!)
large piece of zucchini quiche, pineapple chobani

All that ends up to be about 1700 cals.

Yup. I am eating some sugar. And when I view it as "just food", it loses a lot of power. I don't feel the need to binge on it, because I know I can have it whenever I want. And if I really pay attention, I don't USUALLY want it, especially when I'm hungry! When I'm hungry, I want MEAT. LOL


SO, that's what I have been up to. I have lots more to tell you, but that will be coming up shortly. I'll give you a preview:

Not 1, but 2 fitness challenges coming up within the next 3 weeks! EEK!

I'm in a class called "FOODS". It involves cooking, tasting, savoring and describing food. This is something that mentally and emotionally I would not have been able to do even a few months ago. The idea of tasting and describing food felt shameful to me for so long... breaking out of that barrier is tough! We will talk about it soon!

PEACE my people!!! It's good to be back!

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  1. Hi Kelliann, Yes, you have to find some way to get happy and really love how you are living. So if that is changing for you, then it definitely is progress. :D