Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Goal: Be MIGHTY

I have come to the conclusion (several times, actually) that I don’t do well with “challenges”. The kind of long (or short) term challenge that focuses on specific goals (usually weight loss/number specific).

I started to think I just wasn’t a “challenge” kind of person. Putting a time limit on my progress didn’t motivate me. It was the opposite. In the face of feeling like it wasn’t going to happen, I would regress. Usually sabotaging myself.

Isn’t the human psyche interesting/annoying/bitchy?

However, I’ve been reading a lot of peeps lately that set themselves weekly goals. Immediately I thought “Nope. I don’t do challenges. They just don’t work for me” But thinking on it some more, I realized that a weekly goal is very different from a challenge. The biggest difference being that I am the boss of a goal of any sort. I sent my rules.
And I’m not focused on the scale right now, so I’m not pushing for a weight loss number. My weekly goals can be anything. So, in the spirit of challenging myself in other ways where there is NO time constraint, I am taking a step into the idea of weekly goals. So, I’m here to hash some out. Bear with me…

Goals for week 9/23-9/29
- Keep hydrated every day. Consume at least 80 oz of liquid a day
- Make a plan and follow through on proper nutrition for my Rugged Maniac
- FMA 2 days this week (T, W)
- LIGHT workout Friday (a small circuit maybe)
- RUGGED MANIAC on Saturday morning

Obviously most of these focus on my RM Saturday. In addition to thinking about that, I have my normal barrage of other things, including a quiz today and an exam on Thursday.

These “goals” might look like any other plan of action, and I guess in a way, right now, they are. But that’s OK. Because I’m the boss, and I decide what my goals are. What can’t I call them goals? Why shouldn’t I feel good about accomplishing them? These things are not hum0drum everyday things that everyone does. To me, this weeks list is “small” but MIGHTY.

Actually, let’s add that to the list.

This week, I will be MIGHTY.


  1. I don't seem to last for a whole challenge very often either. Though, one time I did for weight loss, and it really helped me learn to trust in food journaling. I love these updates of yours. :D

  2. I like the idea of challenges, but once I am not doing as well as I thought I should or would have, I get discouraged and feel like "I'm not going to make it anyway" and do all sorts of stupid things to sabotage myself. I do like the idea of setting weekly goals, making a plan for the week based on my life and what I am doing this week.

  3. Hi! Funny, as I strove to become more Zen-like this year, I discovered Leo B., and his post about NOT believing in goals, and it totally changed my outlook. Here's my take on it and why: In any case, whatever works for you, run with it! :)

    1. I like the read, Gwen. And I really see where you are coming from. For me, it's about celebrating the things I am doing for myself that make me happy, healthy and strong. So, for now, I like the term "goal" and I see more of your point in my term "challenges"... Thanks for reading! :-)