Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fueling for the Rugged Maniac

Goals are going swimmingly so far this week. Yes, it’s only Tuesday, but I don’t anticipate any issues. Quiz #1 down, still studying for a test on Thursday. Keeping hydrated and I have done quite a bit of looking into nutrition to fuel my race.

Because the RM is a 5k, I’m not really going to need anything mid-race. I want something that will be good fuel, but not heavy. I got some good advice – “don’t deviate from your norm”.

I was asked “what would you eat before a hardcore workout?”

My answer – about 30 min before I would eat something like Ezekiel bread with PB (if it’s in the evening) or iced protein coffee (in the AM). That feels good to me. So, why mess with perfection? I might add something like a banana right before, but besides that, I feel good about the plan. My heat is at 10:00AM, so it’s not like I have to worry about a whole days worth of nutrition, and something not agreeing with me, etc. Specifically because my nerves go RIGHT to my tummy, I need to be careful of that, and why not deviating from the norm is especially good for me.

Woohoo! I feel good about that part of my race day!

I’m getting super nervous though.

I think back to last year. After last year’s race, I totally crashed mentally and emotionally. I did not feel a sense of camaraderie in the race like I thought I would. Thinking of it now, I know a lot of that was MY insecurity with the other girls, and NOT that I was really being left out.

I also look back at my mentality about my nutrition leading up to the race. I wanted to be the smallest and leanest I could be – of course, my thought was that being lighter would help me up and over those walls. This logic MIGHT be true, but I don’t think I had as much energy as I could have going through the course. That day, before the 12:00 heat – I ate 2 bananas. That’s it. I wanted to be “light”.

*Sigh* I wasn’t giving myself a chance!

Now I know I need to eat for energy, and this year I have been paying a lot of attention to getting stronger. My rope climbs are getting really freaking awesome. I can do about 10 full pushups in a row without my form breaking. This is a big gain for me. My upper body strength is something I have been focused on because there was one obstacle last year…

One… I couldn’t do it myself.

If Christa had not been there, I would have had to go around it last year. She practically pulled me up a freaking pipe on this tiny little rope they gave us to climb. I don’t know why I care that I needed help. I don’t know why I see that obstacle as my freaking nemesis, but I do. I’ve been thinking about it for a year. No lie. In the last few days I have come to realize something: that obstacle might not even be in the course this year! I actually have to laugh at this. If it’s there, I really hope to climb it on my own. If it’s not, I am sure there will be something else for me to conquer!

So, yeah, getting nervous. Going to Bodyology to lift some heavy shit tonight. Will feel good after, for sure.

Hubby and I are working on a plan for me to be able to stay at Bodyology. It’s not set yet, so I’m in a state of limbo, but regardless, I have tonight, tomorrow, and the next few weeks before any concrete decision has to be made.

Yes, I’m going to make it at the last moment. I’m going to keep this precious gift I have as long as I possibly can. He and I are both trying to get in as much overtime as possible. We are lucky to have that opportunity. And I am blessed I have a husband who is so supportive of my dreams and goals.

Alright – back to work!

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