Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Emotional Eating - Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

We always preach that being uncomfortable in a workout is a GOOD thing. Progress happens OUTSIDE your comfort zone. 

I think if we all had our way, and we could get away with it, we would all certainly live in comfort. We are creatures of comfort, after all. BUT, we also know that you don't get anywhere being comfy all the time.

Sitting at work right now and I am feeling emotionally uncomfortable. We have all been there. Anything that magnifies your emotions can be uncomfortable to a degree. Some people (me) have learned to disguise that feeling with food. 

So, what do you do when you are feeling uncomfortable, you've medicated with food for the last 25 years or so, you have to come up with plans for what you are going to do when things get uncomfortable.


Of course, I am not always good at this. Sometimes I cave. Not this time though.

I'm uncomfortable because a patient I worked closely with passed away here at the hospital last night. On top of that, I was told by another patient that I "lacked respect for her time"

F**k you. 

Actually swearing at the patient is frowned upon, I suppose. So I refrain, do my job, and do not acknowledge her comment. Inside I'm seething and I want to release it. 

Chocolate, right?

No. Ok, Deep breathes. 

Took a little walk. Feel a little better. 

Drink some water, and actually have a snack. Because I took the time to realize I actually WAS hungry. So, get rid of that feeling, and it helps.

The thing about working hard on this is that it's really tiring. You might conquer one hurdle (no chocolate after bitch face called), but the work required to turn that around makes you tired mentally. Being tired mentally can screw with you later.

Didn't plan dinner ahead of time? Now it's going to be MUCH easier to cave and make something that doesn't fit your plan. 

Didn't plan for a workout? Were you gonna "wing it"? Now it's SO much easier to tell yourself you had a "rough" day, and you can go right home and get comfy. Might as well get that pint of ice cream out too, because you deserve it.

Because being UN comfy is tiring.

Really F**king tiring.

Pushing through that is tough, but it's doable. And just like other exercises, it does get a little easier as you do it more and more often.

It's taken me a long time to be able to push through the "tired". No, I don't accomplish it all the time. But I am proud to say I deal with the "tired" much better than I used to. 

There are a few reasons. A lot of work and self-reflection is one. Laughter is another:

We were Facetime-ing. While in the living room. Together. Dorks.

This guy makes me laugh and helps keep me sane. 

An awesome, sweaty workout is perfect for these situations! BUT, not always feasible. In this case, since I'm in the midst of a work day, my boss would probably not be happy with me going for a 30 minute run, and coming back a sweaty mess. Hm. 

Thinking about our goals can help get through these tough times as well.

Goal setting is different for everyone. Some people need very short term goals (For the next 7 days I will do ____ by doing ____) Or long term - like training for a mud-run. 

When I think about that next weigh in, or the beautiful wedding renewal dress I tried on last year, it helps me push though.

So, what about you guys? How do you get comfortable with being uncomfortable?

Keep Moving Forward...

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  1. I'm working on behaviors (like morning walk outside, meditation) that help create a "quiet mental place" that I can access when needed. Creating a peaceful moment that I can remember when I need to. To be able to just sit with the feelings and discomfort.