Monday, April 7, 2014


Workouts like our Saturday smack down (I think now called The Monster), and Sunday’s Superbowl Slaughter are brutal in their own special way, mostly, I think, with the longer interval for each is one of the reasons. 

In The Monster, work intervals are 1 minute, and in Superbowl Slaughter they are 48 sec (after Super Bowl 48 – Ha!). Very little rest/recoup in between. For good reason!
The Monster

This may not even be a physical issue. It’s a mental issue. There is SO MUCH TIME for you to talk yourself up, or talk yourself down. You look at the clock and there is still 25 seconds to go and you are thinking that you are DONE pushing. That you REALLY want to stop.

But you don’t. You keep rowing, jumping, running, lifting, pushing, pulling – whatever it is you’re doing.

There are so many opportunities for you to stop. To give up.

(It’s too hard.)

(I’m too tired.)

But you don’t. Because you know you can. How do you know? Because you are a BADASS.

And who helped me figure out I am a BADASS?? Bodyology. Christa, Mike, Karen, Luke, and Jenna. They never let me forget that I CAN do anything I DECIDE to do.

But make no mistake – and any good trainer will be the first one to tell you – YOU are the one who shows up. YOU are the one who pushes through. YOU accomplish the goal YOU set. No one can do it for you. You will be encouraged, you will be inspired, but only YOU can do the work.

So you DO or DON’T DO. But it’s up to YOU.

This is not just about the gym. It’s about your home life. It’s about school. It’s about parenting, relationships, work. It’s about life. Because if you don’t keep plugging away. If you don’t keep moving forward, you are just going to get run over.

Today I have to pleasure of battling Blackout with long-ish intervals as well (40 seconds). 

40 seconds that I can turn into self-defeat or Super-Hero-Dom.

I think you know which I am going to choose.

What will you choose?

Keep moving forward...


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