Monday, April 7, 2014

Weigh in and BIRTHDAY

Happy Birthday to ME!

Nope, I don't mind saying it!

I have to tell you how special this weekend was. My husband did an AWFUL lot of work to make my pre-birthday weekend special. I went to the SPA - got a massage, Reiki session, mani and pedi! THEN we had the rest of the afternoon and evening to totally relax together. THEN I walked into my mothers house (since the boys stayed with her on Saturday night) to my family there for a surprise party!!


I felt so overwhelmed and blessed by the attention lavished on me this weekend. 

My birthday for the past few years has been a little overlooked - because Thing 1's b-day is very close to mine, so we are normally concentrating on that. I think hubby decided to make a change this year!

Now, needless to say - my diet suffered a little. I had pre-planned my Saturday birthday Starbucks and I knew would would go have a burger at our favorite burger joint. I figured those things in, logged them and everything.

I was NOT expecting a party on Sunday!

And no, I was NOT going to "not eat" at my surprise party!

But that's life, right? What a joy it was to have all my family there. Everyone made food and everyone enjoyed themselves. My kids helped a LOT making some birthday cupcakes, and YES I had one of those too!

I didn't go nuts, but my diet was carb-heavy this weekend. 

It's OK!!

I'm totally back on track today. My co-workers brought in "birthday bagels" and I declined. It was sweet of them! THEN there was a cake, pasta salad and strawberries! I helped myself to a spoonful of strawberries and that's all. I know the cake will be enjoyed by everyone else, so I'm not worried! 

I got in 2 intense workouts this weekend, and I DID weigh in on Saturday -- DOWN 2 MORE!

Total of 7 lbs gone!

Today, food back on track, workout planned. Yes, even though it's my ACTUAL birthday today - I think I have done my fair share of celebrating!

That's all for today guys -- 

Keep Moving Forward!!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! How awesome of your hubby, and what an awesome day at that spa too. And yeah, life involves special occasions with special food...and I'm with you in not giving that up, ha!!

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful birthday!