Wednesday, April 23, 2014


So, I know I have trouble with consistency. 


If I DIDN'T have trouble with consistency, I would be at my goal weight. Duh.

I got a bit off track when my brother and his family were in town. There was a lot of eating out, and I chose not to make the best choices I could have. No one held a gun to my head - I decided to eat the pizza and the burgers and throw the guilt away.

But we had SO MUCH FUN. I mean, the food had nothing to do with that. But just being with them is SO AWESOME.

*sigh* But I know, and you know, that getting back on track is much harder than just staying on track. Yup. I know. I throw myself under the bus.

Hey, I never promised perfection. Just me. Warts and all.

So, I'm getting my shit back together. I've been feeling down (even ON my meds) and missing workouts as well. One plays into the other. They create their own vicious cycle. 

I know, I know, I KNOW that my overwhelming commitments play a huge role in the ease with which I can drop my nutritional values. Yes. I am way, way too over committed. I have heard from you guys, out of concern, that I NEED to get rid of some of my "stuff". I keep trying and failing to rid myself of anything.

I think I said this last summer, but, I'll say it again: The summer WILL be better. I am not taking ANY classes this summer (which is aggravating, but necessary.). NO choir. 

So, it will just be the job, house, kids, exercise, show and meetings for music board.

Right. No... problem...

I can't really think on summer just yet. I have 3 weeks left of classes and I have 2 presentations, 1 test and 2 finals to deal with. THEN and only THEN can I look forward to what's going on (or NOT going on) this summer.

Anyway, I'm going to go CRUSH a workout tonight:

(called The Titan. A new one. I'll update tomorrow - if I can move), and my eating today has been good. I have a plan for dinner and it will get me back off on the right track. 

Onward and forward!

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