Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday and FAMILY!

Happy Friday Y'all!

No, I'm not southern. I don't know why I typed Ya'll.

Anyway - just a little recap. Things have been pretty standard. I'm battling my cravings mentally. I'm winning, but the battle is tiring. 

I think I've told you I have upped my workouts to 4 times per week. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday are workout days - mostly out of schedule necessity.

Wednesday here was so beautiful I took the hubby and the kids to the park and we did a family workout. It was fun and was very hard work! Mostly because we took no break.

The park is very large and has a circular path around it. All around there are play-stations, and also workout stations. You know, the old ones made of wood? So, we used them the best we could. 

We ran to each station, and did 2 different body weight exercises (20 pushups, 20 plank jacks). 

Ran to the next (20 lunges, 20 attempted at pullups LOL).

Ran to the next, (20 squats, 30 second plank) Etc. 

We had burpees, high-knees, squat jacks - the works! 

We went all the way through the park and then back again. I think it was a total of 12 stations with running in between. The kids were sitting down by the time we were at our last 2 "stations". Mama outlasted them all! HAHA! 
My nutrition has been really good. Hitting all my numbers and sending them into Luke. He's giving me great feedback. Things I can tweak, any areas of concern, etc. I'm sad I only have another week with him. I wish I could afford a little more time - but that's a whole other ball of wax.

Weigh in tomorrow morning. I'm nervous because I feel like I haven't lost. Now, if I don't, I am already telling myself that it doesn't mean I'm doing anything wrong. I've lost 7 lbs in the last 2.5 weeks, and my body may slow down for a week (meaning no loss), and then I may see a loss next week. Mentally preparing for it is still hard. I have a lot of years behind me of the:

"WHAT? NO loss at ALL??? Well, SCREW THIS!"

No. No. NO. I will NOT sabotage myself like that!!!

Weekends are hard, and I will HANG TOUGH DAMMIT.

Tomorrow morning is kickboxing, and then Sunday is Bodyology. Weekend full of movement!


My brother and his family are coming to visit from Seattle and I haven't seen them in a year and a half. HOORAY!!

Thing 1's birthday is Saturday. He will be 7! HOORAY!

I'm taking some time off of work next week. HOORAY!

So, I'll try to pop on with the weigh in update, but you may not otherwise see me for a few days.

Keep moving forward!

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