Thursday, April 3, 2014

The gym is a funny place...

I got to the gym yesterday after work and I had my plan in place. I modeled this after one of the workouts we do at Bodyology. I knew it would be effective, hits strength and metabolic, and I would be in and out within 40 minutes. 

25 reps of each x2
TRX rows
TRX forward squat
TRX chest press

descending ladder reps, upping weight as you progress down in reps:
9, 6, 3
DB Romanian DL (#45, #50)
Floor DB press (#30, #35)
DB Squat and press (#20, #25)
(these are the weights for each hand - so total for DL was #90 and #100. You get the idea)

Metabolic: x2 
(this was where things got hairy because the gym was hoppin')
Burpee to boxjump - 10
Battle Ropes - 50
TRX jump squat - 10
Battle Ropes - 50
Sled sprints - 4 (down the turf and back x2)
Climbers -10
Sled sprint -4 (down the turf and back x2)

I probably should have done the metabolic another time through, but, well, I didn't. Fighting for space, asking people to move, etc, was getting annoying.

But, man, I was SWEATY and gassed! I'd say that would indicate the effectiveness of the workout!

With very little break in between rounds (just enough to set up), this took me just about 30 minutes. Cool-down, stretch for a few. BAM. Done. 

The gym is funny because you hear and see all kinds of things there. Trainers are working with people one-on-one, but I hear no real encouragement to push. The trainer instructs them to do something (ex: wall balls) and stands there while the client haphazardly throws the ball at the wall. No form correction, no rallying from the trainer and not surprisingly - no focus, intensity or sweat from the trainee.

I was working in on some of the equipment these trainers were using, and frankly, I was showing them up. I asked one trainer if I could use the sled, since all he was doing was leaning on it. 

Really, dude?

It reminds me of how blessed I am to have found Bodyology. To understand what it's like to actually work hard, push, and expect more of myself. It's a shame there are people who don't have that experience.

Now, I don't know anything about this trainer and trainee. There could be very good reasons they were working they way they were. But I have noticed this kind of behavior before. They are mearly an example. 

But I must say this: the trainee is trying. She showed up. That takes guts. She deserves a trainer who is going to show up, too.

I was in after they started, and out before they finished, and I can guarantee you I got better results from my workout.

You also hear the "muscle guys" talking while they use the ab machine. One-upping each other on their dietary intake. Teehee! 

Anyway, I was very happy with my workout, and also that I felt confident enough to move around people (and dare I say, be in someones way!) to get it done. The old me would have taken one look at the busy floor, and gone to hide on a treadmill in the corner. No more. It felt.... Epic. 

How are you guys doing out there? Ever hear or see funny things at the gym?

Keep Moving Forward...

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  1. Over the years I've spent a fair bit of time in different gyms and I can say that trainers are like any other profession: some rock and some stink.

    It's important any time you are hiring anyone who make sure you are happy with the service they are providing, whatever it is. I used to be afraid to fire people, but I got better. :-) I try to be fair, but I expect value for my hard earned money, you know?