Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Good afternoon, Strivers!

After 3 days straight at Bodyology, I am glad today is a rest day! I can really feel my body needs it!

I've been feeling a little blue today. Could be the howling wind and pounding rain, could be post-birthday blues. Regardless, it's a hungry day, and also a "crave-y" day. One of those days you want to curl up on the couch with some snacks and the cat.

Oh yeah. I could be "that girl" today.

But I won't be. I've fought through so far, and I'll make it the rest of the day. This feeling will pass. I have to just ride out the wave.

I hit my stats DEAD on yesterday, so I was very proud of that! Kicked a little "Blackout" ass, and called it a day. 

I saw this VERY interesting trailer for a film coming out next month. Have you guys seen this?


It's very compelling. I can't wait to see it. 

What are YOUR thoughts on sugar and the role they play in peoples diets? Do you think they are addictive like cocaine? Do you think if people released the stigma, and ate it "in moderation" it would be OK?

I have my own thoughts on the subject (of course!)

I truly do believe that sugar is addictive and that it's killing us. I know that sounds excessive and dramatic, but the more I've been out here, the more affirmation I get about that.

I TRIED to go with "food is just food". "Everything in moderation". I would LOVE to be someone who legit could just be happy with a square of chocolate once a week.

I am not.

One square is too much, and all the chocolate in the world is not enough. 

I DO find that if I keep my carbs in check that I don't feel carb-y, binge-y, crazy. The reason I am feeling a little "crave-y" today is the more-than-normal sugar consumption this weekend. That speaks volumes. When I was trying to be all "food is just food" I was merely trying to convince myself that I could be naturally in control. 



I have to keep learning this lesson over and over. I have "learned" it a hundred times, and I will likely "learn" it a hundred more. I hope not, but I'm also realistic. Ok, maybe I will "learn" it again just a few more times...

Keep moving forward...

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