Monday, June 2, 2014

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I'm in kinda a bad mood, so I'm sorry in advance if this post is snarky.

This weekend was really great. Maybe that's why I am in a mood? Because the weekend was good and now I'm back to work. FML.

I am VERY, Very, very sore today. Saturday morning I kicked this:

GOLIATH - looks deceptively simple.
The pic looks a little blurry because I took it AFTER I was done and I was shaking. Ha!

Sunday I did this: 
Sunday "20" Slam:

Walk warm up

20 high knees
5 push-ups
20 pull throughs
20 band punches

20 plank jacks
20 band rows
20 mountain climbers
20 band squat and press
5 push-ups

10 band resisted side up downs (each)
20 step ups
20 band pull aparts
20 speed skaters

20 band upper cuts
20 plank jacks
20 band pull throughs
20 band squat and press

(Plank for as long as it takes for your partner to squat)
20 squats
20 squats
20 squats

freestyle round:
20 reps each
Squat n press
Plank jacks
High knees
Pull throughs
10 push-ups

Walk/jog home

With THESE awesome partners:
Me and Meggie-Pat

With Thing 1. We are so hardcore.
I was already very sore from Goliath, so it was the perfect workout. Challenging enough, but not so tough that I couldn't finish it.

We walked/jogged down to this little, old elementary school near us. It was perfect because there was shady spots, nice flat pavement, and pillars to use our bands with. Nice! 

Disclaimer, these pics were taken before we jogged home, after which I looked MUCH worse. You don't want to see that. 

You guys know that we live pretty much pay-check to pay-check. So, it won't be surprising for you to know that this weeks grocery budget was VERY small. Protein is coming more from (cheap) beans than meat this week. Hubby, and his master spices, created this:

Festa Rice and Beans
Brown rice and beans. The recipe made 10 HUGE servings, so we are good for lunches for the week. Add some steamed veggies and call it a meal. Actually, I just ate some and it's really delish. I wirry about the carb amount, but I can only do the best I can. Sometimes you have to work with what you got! It's still whole, clean foods. Keeping super active this week will help me not feel so worried that carbs are higher than normal. 

Well, you know what I'm going to do....
Keep moving forward....

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