Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day in the Life

Just another day in the life, guys. Getting bored yet? Do I need to create some drama?


Nope, I'm not like "other" bloggers out there. I'm glad you enjoy reading, but I do this for me.


It's a very rainy day in the neighborhood today. Walked inside again. I got some really nice photos:
My foot. Walking.

My View. Lunch time walking. 

This is scintillating stuff, guys.

Here was lunch:
Very yummy salad.
So. Exciting.

That's ok. I can take some non-excitement for now. I'm good without drama and chaos. At least for a little bit.

It's pay week. (THANK GOD). So, I was able to treat myself to said lunchtime salad. Unfortunately, because we were squeaking on the budget this week, I don't have an afternoon snack with me and I am freaking STARVING. And all my co-workers do is EAT CRAP (well, no, not all of them). Gotta last till I leave here. Hubby is cooking up some chicken and green-beans stir-fry style.

I just keep drinking water and trying not to think about it. Coffee and water.

When I get home I am going to bust out a disc workout with my new gliding discs. They are killer. Love it! Continuing to hope the knee holds up.

This incredibly boring update has been brought to you by Thursday.

Keep moving forward.... 

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