Thursday, June 19, 2014

Working out at home: Get after it!

I've been working out a lot at home lately, as I am sure you've noticed. My inspiration comes from my Tuff Girl workouts and I am so grateful to have that foundation. Sometimes I am actually able to do the workout from them as written at home, but usually I have to make some modifications.

That being said, this is what I have for my "home gym"

2 handled bands: One for things like band punches and upper cuts, and a heavy one for bicep-curls and maybe rows. 

2 infinity bands: I have a medium and a medium-heavy one at home. They can be used for rows, pull-throughs, band pull-aparts, squat and press, can add difficulty to push-ups, hang them from a park jungle gym and use them for pull-ups... and much much more. I need/want a few more of these in my arsenal.

Jump rope: Obviously. When in doubt and you need to get your heart rate going. Get moving with your jump rope:

I have a few sets of dumb bells, but the 2 sets I use most often are my 10's and 20's

I would love to get heavier weights, so I am scoping out craigslist, etc, for good deals. They are PRICEY in the stores!

I love my newer addition: my gliding discs, which work on both hardwood and carpet so I can use them anywhere in the house. 
Making mountain climbers harder - one glide at a time! Ha! I could be a spokes-person!

One thing I am noticing with home workouts is I tend to just stay away from the exercises I really hate. 

I'm just going to say it. I haven't done a burpee in weeks. And even when I did, it was only because Thing 1 said "oooh, let's do burpees!" and I didn't feel like I could punk out on him like that.

I know, I know!

I should probably be better at doing more of a variety of moves, even the ones I don't love. 

I did a great tabata the other night and I made it up as I went a long. This is VERY unlike me. But I just brought myself and my equipment outside and went one round at a time. One full round was all sprints up and down my walk way. I was regretting that one by the 6th interval! Ha!

The boys will sometimes follow along with me, or they will just run around doing their own thing. I talked them into a plank contest that night and I made it to 2 min - that was after my full tabata so I was pretty impressed. Thing 2 did more of a downward-dog than a plank, but he was having such a good time. 

And isn't THAT the point?

I'm getting used to working out at home. Sometimes I get aggravated if I want to get it done earlier in the evening and the boys aren't cooperating, but in the end I am doing what I can. 

Sometimes a great at home workout is just a good, long game of "Tag" with a 7 and 3 year old.

Keep moving forward.....

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