Thursday, June 12, 2014

Just 12:39 on a Thursday...

I'm still getting over this sucky, sucky chest cold. Yuck. Moving along.

Hubby and I had a great workout on Tuesday in the tiny amount of time we had clear weather. It was a version of Bodyology's "The Black Widow". Normally looks like this:

We had to make some substitutions, because we were working at home. So, instead of using free-weights, we used all bands. I got a new, heavy resistance band we used for bicep curls. It was perfect.

In the "lower body" section, the only thing we subbed was Pull-throughs (with heavy band) for Romania DL. I don't have heavy enough dumbbells for Rom DL yet - I usually use about #45 each hand at Tuff Girl. I'll get them eventually! The band pull-throughs utilize the hip hinge and work the same set of muscles as Rom DL.

Example of a pull through:
Not me. Her shoulders look a little too rounded. But, anyway...

For the weights on Goblet lunge, goblet squat, side lunge - I used what I had (a #20) and just tried to keep my pace a little faster. So, it was a little more "metabolic" than heavy strength. For weighted bridge, we elevated our feet instead of adding weight. It worked!

We changed up the metabolic. After each of the main rounds, we did 3 sets of 1 core exercise and 1 metabolic exercise. For example, plank and jump-rope, or scissors and plank jacks, x3 each.

For our "finisher" we did 4 metabolic moves and pushed each other hard. 35 seconds of work, 10 of rest/transition. We were both laying on the grass when we were done. My hubby wanted to kill me. Death stare = SUCCESS!! 

Last night was rehearsal. We got in a good 30 min walk in beforehand - which was good, because it was a full read through which means a lot of sitting.

I peeked at the scale this morning and it hasn't moved since Saturday. But, I'm not taking that to mean anything yet. Only weighing in officially one day per week and I am getting pretty good at not getting on the scale everyday.

I'm still walking everyday at work. Even when I don't want to, and even when I am planning to train after work. Getting away from my desk is as much a mental thing as it is physical.

I've really taken notice this week specifically how much I want to snack when I am overwhelmed. I think it might be partially that act of getting up, away from my desk (phone, computer, people) and leaving it to get a snack, sitting down and taking time to eat it. It's not about the snack, it's about removing myself from my surroundings. Fine, if I'm actually hungry, which usually, I'm not.

Work is torture. I'm doing the job of 4 people instead of 3 today. Awesome. I have something else possibly in the works that might makes things a little better without burning any bridges... 

I'll leave you with this gorgeous pic of Thing 2 taken on Children's Sunday at our church last week:

You're welcome.

Keep moving forward....

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  1. Just stopping by to say Thing 2 looks extremely cute! Ladies watch out!!