Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Recap and a NEW experiment

My weekend was a little up-heaved being sick enough to NOT for to an awesome workout,  NOT go to filming, and NOT go to rehearsal. You guys know I have guilt issues, but I did what I decided I HAD to do for my physical, mental and emotional health.

And yes, I felt guilty.

Yes, in my head I know guilt is a useless, life-sucking emotion.  But how do you just stop feeling guilty? Tips, please!

Regardless of the guilt, I did what I had to do.

So, what DID I do this weekend?

On Saturday, I tool a 3 mile walk. Someone I respect highly once said "There is no glory in a long walk". That phrase has stuck with me and I admit that it has fueled my "perfection desire" and my "black-or-white" thinking. I'm trying to erase that idea from my thinking. Well, that walk WAS glorious. Because it was what I could do, when I could do it.  So, instead of deciding that I didn't feel well and "take the day off" which surely would have included eating junk as well, I decided to do what I could do with what I had in me. 

That, my friends, is progress.

I was feeling better on Sunday and did some cooking:

Buffalo Chicken in the crockpot

Kale that caught fire in the microwave. Yes, that happened

Zucchini Carrot fritters. Very yum
 I also made quiche for breakfasts and went shopping for fresh fruits and veggies for the week. I tried to take as much off of the hubby yesterday as possible, it being Fathers Day and all. I did sneak out to the gym with my cousin for an awesome workout written by Christa at Tuff Girl called Everest:

We changed up the metabolic a little and decided to end with jam ball slams. I picked up a 20 lb medicine ball (what I would normally use at TG) to start our last set of 2 intervals and slammed it. 

And then this happened:
Busted lip. Oh yeah.

That ball rebounded directly into my face. My upper teach bit through my lower lip. My chin is all bruised today and the right side of my face is a little swollen. 

I look like I've been in a bar fight.

You know what my first thought was?

"Well, thank GOD this happened at the end of the workout and NOT the beginning!"

Yup, I'm hardcore like that.

It looks terrible today, but my jaw feels a lot better. I couldn't really chew last night.

I'm sore today all over - but in a good way. Not in the busted-lip way.

Then, this also happened:

I'm very proud of this, for sure. Even with the crying, screaming and stress of my B+ in Math, I still made the Dean's List.

So, my experiment:
I've been very stressed by the news lately. Anything to do with kids, especially. Facebook is filled with abused children and animals, school shootings... it's so awful. So, this week I am not going to read any online news that is not positive. It's not that I want to be ignorant, I just need to release myself from some of the negativity that seems to be plaguing everything. I've found some reputable news sources that publish real news, but only positive stories. I'm going to see if it helps keep my spirits a little higher. Besides, don't we all need a little positivity in our lives? 

Should be interesting!

Oh yea - down another pound :-)

Keep moving forward.... 


  1. Hey congrats on your hard work! You are a true example to follow :) I hope you recover from your lip injury fast and painlessly!!

    Guilt is very complicated to deal with. I tend to try to help someone to make myself feel better, like buying a coffee or giving a flower to a stranger on the streets. Knowing that I might have made someone else's day slightly better makes me feel good :)

    If you check out books for studying from libraries I recommend after a complicated part you leave a buck or two with a note congratulating the reader for passing that hard part and inviting him or her for a snack! It made my day when happened to me and decided to do it with every book I check out since then :)


    1. Emilio-
      What great ideas! Thank you!