Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ragtime and DietBet

Hey guys!

I know, yesterday was a bit of a downer. I hear ya.

Thanks to those who reached out with words of encouragement (you know who you are)

Looking back does nothing. Can't change the past. Can only work now and make good decisions to achieve my goals.

I am really enjoying adding more movement back into my day. I'm walking 10-15 min in the morning and afternoon, and 20 min at lunch. Weather doesn't matter (rainy today) because I use my work building. I start in the basement (where I work) and walk the whole building, each floor (B-4th), each stairwell. The whole walk takes my 20 min lunch walk time.

It feels good to walk away from my desk for a few minutes and take some deep breathes.

There are lots of other things going on around here too. Some weight related, some not:


I mentioned I had auditioned and gotten a great part in our summer musical. We are producing Ragtime, The Musical, and it's going to be a very powerful show. We got all of the cast scores and we have already begun rehearsals. Very exciting!!

I'm also participating in something called a DietBet. What is it? Well, you pool your money with a bunch of strangers (or friends, I guess!) and your goal is to lose 4% of your weight in a month, or 10% of your weight in 6 months. I decided to try one and I entered with Tony "The Anti-Jared" in his June Blast.

Just for the record. I am not paid to do this. I am not advertising for it. I paid my own money to be involved. Thank you.

Anyway, I think it's super fun. I'm already 70% to my "goal" and I have 21 days left! Woah! The "pot" is currently $4,025. Every player who loses 4% (or more) during the game gets a part of the pot. 

DietBet has also made a guarantee that if every single player in the game loses their 4%, each player will get refunded their whole bet amount, and they won't take any $$ for their fees, etc. So, basically, if you do your best and get your 4%, at worst you got to participate for free, at best you make some $$! Fun!

I did a lot of walking and some running yesterday. No official workout tonight, but a choreography rehearsal for Ragtime, so that should burn a *few* calories. Writing up the workout for tomorrow as we speak. My soreness is pretty much gone so I plan on hitting it hard.

But first: #letmetakeaselfie
On my lunch walk

 Keep moving forward....

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