Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cleanse Day 2

Well, I have survived. Actually, survived is a little severe. Really, today was just as good as yesterday. I feel very good about myself. I am drinking almost 100 oz of water, and yes, I am in the bathroom all day, but damn, I feel really good. No caffeine, no dairy, no sugar, no artificial sweetener, no eating out, no processed food of any kind. I feel like my body is really liking eating this way.
I was really close to punking out on a work out today, but buckled down and finally did one. Muscles feel a little like jello, but as always, I'm glad I did it. I'm going to have a little greek yogurt, and that, my friends, will be all she wrote for Day 2.
2 Down - 11 to go. YEAH BABY.
I got a lot of work done for my psych class today. I actually submitted 2 papers and did a few other writing assignments. I have one more major paper, one more unit (with quiz) to get through and I will be DONE. It looks, so far, like I've done pretty well. I'd love an A, but I could settle for a B. Anything else would be unacceptable.
STILL WAITING to get a call from the office that I *think* I have a job with. I got an update late last week that they were going to bring me in as a casual so I could get in faster, and here we are, Tuesday over, and still no word on that. I seriously need to work. My bank account is in distress.
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.........

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