Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I know, I know...

I SAID I was going to update you each day of this cleanse - but I have a VERY good excuse. It doesn't feel like a cleanse anymore! LOL. It feels like normal - a way of being - a way of life. Isn't that what eating should be? Not some costume you are putting on and taking off and trying another, but just you - the way you are! That may make more sense in my head than on paper - not sure yet.
Anyway - this is Day 10 of the 13 days. I feel really good. I'm getting through my emotional eating moments and I am proud of it. I have recently been thinking about the things I want to put back into my diet when I am done with the "cleanse" portion, and I think cheese (in moderation - as a topping, a garnish - not a meal!!) and my protein shakes will be making a comeback. The protein shakes are really important for me, because with this "clean" way of eating, I am not getting as much protein in as I need to be, but if I add back in a shake a day, I can easily make it.
Besides that, I am really loving how I feel, how the scale is moving in the right direction (I'm not going to announce my loss till the last day!) and I can't believe how my palate has changed. I really didn't like veggies unless they were covered in blue cheese or ranch dressing, but now I am making veggies in all new ways, and they are SO GOOD. Eating this way also gives me a lot of options. And when I am hungry, I eat!! Go figure!
Another fabulous side effect of eating clean is that it's appropriate and healthy for my whole family. This is the way I want my boys to learn to eat - Not the way I was eating 10 days ago, and CERTAINLY not the way I was eating 3 years ago!
So, in a nutshell, this is really a life changing experience. I'm going to get my butt kicked this evening by Ms. Tuff Girl herself, and tomorrow is another clean day!
On the job front - I FINALLY got a call that things are moving in the right direction regarding this job. I go in on Friday for yet another interview, and hopefully things will move quickly after that. Classes are set for the Spring, although I have NO idea how I am going to pay for my books, or how I am going to pay off the classes... but frankly, I can't think about that now. One day at a time, one step at a time.

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