Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cleanse Success

Well, today is day one after 13 day cleanse. I planned this morning on getting up, and making myself a delicious protein shake. However, when I got up, I actually just wanted my oatmeal I have been eating throughout the cleanse! A while later, I decided to try my shake - and to my surprise, 3/4 of it is still sitting on the counter. It was WAY too sweet tasting. I couldn't even stomach it. I was so shocked! This cleanse has completely changed the way I taste things, the way I enjoy foods - good healthy foods, without processed garbage. It's truly been an amazing experience and period of discovery.
Now. drum roll please................ I have lost 12 lbs on this cleanse. That's right. I ate every 3 hours. I was eating a large variety of foods. No pills, no powders, no "magic". Just healthy food, focus, and a lot of sweaty workouts. That's what it's about, folk. Work. If you are willing to work, to change your idea about "diets", it will work. I am officially at my lowest adult weight. Yes, ever. I'm going to the wrap up meeting today, and I can't wait to share my story and success with the 21 other ladies who cleansed with me!
On the school front - my first class is tomorrow evening. I am very excited to begin this semester and dive into my courses. I am hoping to get a call this week with a job offer - so please, think good thoughts for me.
Signing off for now!

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