Monday, January 10, 2011

Day one recap

I must say I am very impressed with Day 1. I had a pop a little Tylenol twice today, between the caffeine withdrawal (did I mention I'm going cold-turkey??) and the kick ass workout last night. No biggie. I was expecting worse. Much, much worse. I also went to the gym and kicked 630 cals to the curb in an intense walk/run/incline interval workout on the treadmill. I went in saying to myself "take it easy today, it'll feel a lot harder to run, since a lot of women reported feeling really fatigued on the first few days. But, I pushed, and pushed and pushed just a little more. I felt good by the end. Tired, but good.
Eating went extremely well. I tried a new recipe "spicy black bean soup" and it was hot and comforting and perfect for this cold night. I really enjoyed eating this way today. Felt good.
I had a few "moments" today - one was making a grilled cheese sandwich for Josh. It took all of my will to not pop some cheese into my mouth. But, I didn't. Not a nibble. The second was this evening, when I was really craving something sweet. I moved past it, and had another cleanse-approved snack. Other than those moments, it really went quite well!
My water intake was great, which is quite a step for me by itself.
Tomorrow, I am striving to actually eat a little more. I was hungry a few times today and didn't eat, usually because I was involved with the kids in some way, but tomorrow I am going to cook up a few different recipes to have on hand. On to Day 2!!!

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