Monday, September 26, 2011


Day one of the Triple Dog Dare Challenge. Now, I have said in the past that I don't do well with "challenges". I start to feel pressure and go way off the wagon. However, this challenge is different. I'm not competing with anyone but MYSELF. The group I'm in this with is not fighting each other for any kind of prize - we are working together for the BEST prize - awesome weight loss, fitness and HEALTH.

The challenge begins today and ends in 90 some-odd days. That's right. We are going to plow through Halloween (take your candy corn and toss it) Thanksgiving (I'll have some delicious turkey - 2 oz on some whole wheat bread and a big salad, maybe a baked apple!) and YES, even Christmas (no sugar plums here!)

The plan is "easy". It's straight forward. It is what it is, with no refined sugar (which, as you know, is a good thing for me!), and with all the healthy food groups accounted for. Will staying on the plan be "easy"? No, it won't be. Just like it's not "easy" to stay on any other plan. But,
I CAN do it. I WILL do it. And so will 18 other souls.

Say good bye 206 - 175, here I come.

Whatever plan you are on. Whatever makes sense to you - I TRIPLE DOG DARE you to do it, without cheats (meals, days, whatever) for 90 days. You WILL lose weight. Drink tons of fluid, and stay your course. Move your body, stick to the plan. It WILL WORK! It's not a miracle - it's SCIENCE!

Ok, I'm off to refill my water - let's DO THIS PEOPLE!!

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  1. I am a late joiner to the challenge as well! I am excited and a little nervous. We can do this!