Thursday, September 15, 2011


Found out my insurance denied my tummy tuck. I was told over and over that it would be covered - 160 lbs down, for crimminies sake!! But my "skin doesn't hang low enough" apparently.
Not sure what I'm going to do... maybe try to get down my final 30 and go back...maybe the skin will hang looser then...
It's very depressing. And it really makes me want to run up and get some sugar and chocolate laden something.
I feel defeated.
I feel I will never have the body I work so hard for.
Will I ever have piece of mind with large amounts of skin flapping around my body the rest of my life?
No. I can never feel confident about my body with all of this skin and excess just hanging.
Am I working for nothing? Am I working to...basically stay the same?
I am just so... sad. I know that sounds ridiculous. But I am.
That's all.


  1. I'm so sorry! Is there an appeal process? Maybe it's one of those issues where they always say no the first time and you have to pursue it. Hang in there, and keep working. You're such an inspiration!

  2. Wow! Defied because it doesn't hang low enough? Don't lose hope! It will work out!


  3. I agree with LegalMommy - check to see about an appeal. A lot of times, the insurance companies make you go through a bunch of hoops. My dad had the same issue with a major procedure he needed done - the first time, flat out denied. Second time he applied, though, which was a day after getting the rejection, it was passed. Frustrating, yes. But worth investigating, for sure.

    No matter what, though, don't let them get you down about your amazing progress!!!

  4. Thanks guys... you are all right. I can't let it get me down. I have NOT come this far to let an insurance company keep me from my goals. I WILL be appealing!!
    Thanks again for the support!!!

  5. Who said you are not appealing ? Stop that..