Thursday, September 22, 2011

*ommmm, ommmm*

Ok. I am much calmer today. Partially because we have come to an agreement for care of my Sammy Bear. My little punkin. My little Angel.
Ok, I'll stop, but he's just so freakin cute!
So, that is resolved (mostly) and we can resume our previously scheduled programming.

Eating front: pretty good, especially considering my tendancy to emotionally eat. The only thing I have been lax on is my water intake, which I am taking care of today (along with about 100 trips to the bathroom. I know, TMI)

Super hungry today. Sticking with all of my packed food, except one banana I went and bought in the cafe. Tons of water.

I can't wait to re-establish a workout routine. I've fallen out of the habit a little. I am still walking up a storm, but walking only gets you so far.

Munchy meeting today. Gonna really stick it out without the treats.

Listening to some calming music today. I need a mental break, and it's very soothing. Trying to breath through any negative thoughts and cravings. It works. Try it. "Be strong. Write it, work it out, just don't eat it... deep breath in...ommmmmm.... ommmmm...."

I just keep telling myself these things. It may seems funny or silly to some of you. But I am working through my sugar sensitivity to the best of my ability.

That's all for now. I am out of words...

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  1. Keep up the great work - Sugar is hard to resist!! You can do it!!

    Stay focused!