Sunday, September 4, 2011

quick check in...

super short post- don't you hate these?
Feeling cranky and tired. First weekend of our show run and I'm on all liquids. Just wanted to give my system a rest from all the garbage I have been putting in it. Tomorrow, I get to eat. Exciting. Very clean (even on a holiday, when we have people coming over). Making a big salad. Starting the day with a spin class... sad I can't run the road race so many of my Tuff-Girl friends, and other friends are running tomorrow. Screw you, heel!
Show is going very, very well. It's tiring, and the space we are in is HOT, so we are all losing gallons in water weight just sweating under the lights in our heavy costumes. Unfortunately, it doesn't take the place of a workout!
Will do a thorough update tomorrow...

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