Monday, October 10, 2011

Almost 8:00 and I am right on plan. This may seem like a big "duh" to you reading out there, but for me, it's awesome. It's moving forward.
I got in all my liquids, and ate on plan even in the midst of some BIG temptations. I mean, serious. I did a lot of talking to myself. Looking at myself in the mirror and asking myself what I really, really want. A moment of gorging on sugar, or to reach my goal?
I made a choice. I choose me. I choose the goals I have been striving for for 3 years. I choose health and life and strength.
I am very proud, and sitting with the others emotions that are cropping up. Sometimes when I am craving sugar and I make the decision not to give in, I get angry. So, I am sitting with that anger, letting it process.
I am super sick, which sucksssss. Bad chest cold that my little Sammy and I are sharing. (he's so generous!). This sucky cold has grounded me from my workout for tonight, and tonight ONLY. I am going to spend some time with a hot shower, Tylenol, tea, and my pillow.
I can't say enough (yes, again) how grateful I am to all of the people out there who shared the love with me. Being sick, coming across stress and temptation would have surely done me in today. But all of the good vibes being directed my way did miracles. It helped me find myself again. Thank you, thank you.
Ok, I'm going to get some rest. Tomorrow is another day. I'm taking it one day and one pound at a time.

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