Monday, October 10, 2011

I am in awe...

Wow... I mean... wow.
I cannot thank you all enough for the love, especially Allan who so incredible posted This blog about ME. For someone to take the time to help me get support and love... It means so much to me. I couldn't believe when I popped on here this morning and I had so much love on my last post. All of your support has been INSTRUMENTAL in my really feeling good about where I am right now and I where I am going.
It's hard to see my progress when I feel so stuck. I have to take the time and look back at where I came from. Not just the weight loss, but the strength, stamina, fitness and HEALTH I have gained. I am gained YEARS of life for myself - for my kids - for my family.
I am SO on board today. I am riding high on all the positive energy being directed my way. You guys are amazing.
Consider these bootstraps PULLED.
I have a super painful chest cold... the only thing that doesn't hurt going down is hot liquids - so, I'm living on tea, protein coffee, and soup today.
Probably also helpful in clearing out the system a little.
I went back to Tuff Girl on Saturday and pushed through one of the hardest workouts I have ever done. Yesterday, my whole body hurt to move. Today, my lower body is screaming with every step.
What a way to get back in the game.
Tonight will be some core work, maybe some upper body and a LOT of stretching... to get these sore muscles working again.
I've gotten the hubs on board with Allan's hardcore challenge menu. I'm liking the structure of it. And making it for all of us (kids included) will be much easier than doing it for me, and something different for them.
I'm at work for now, but the way I am feeling I may go home early. We will see how the day goes.
It's my co-workers birthday, and 3 other co-workers brought in sweets to "celebrate". Is everyones office like this?? Every possibility for celebration is taken, and it's done with FOOD. But honestly, I am feeling so good, I am not even interested in what's being put out. Keeping with my coffee and water for now.
Ok. I'm out for now. Thanks again to EVERYONE who took the time to say hello and help me through this time. You are all AMAZING.


  1. Baby. YOU are amazing. Just remember that and keep pushing through. Shine. We love it when you smile and shine. Goal just head. Go for it!

  2. What heartfelt appreciation you just expressed. Your blogging friends know how you feel and also know the importance of support and encouragement both when we are on the mountaintop and when we are in the valley. This is a battle worth winning. Some of us have more challenges than others but we all want the same thing - health and happiness.

  3. I cannot get better in isolation. Besides, I like company in getting well.