Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just pretend this is a witty title.

Woh... I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted. I'm still here! I promise!
Aside from a crappy day yesterday, the Triple Dog Dare Challenge is going well. I really screwed up yesterday. I don't really know why, and here's the thing - it didn't even taste good. It didn't do anything for me. Yet, I did it anyway. Talk about not being worth it.
This past weekend was very stressful. The hubs and I were faced with a very unexpected and serious situation. It turned everything upside down. (No, no one is hurt or sick!! Thank you, God!)
Yesterday we found out this "scare" was fine. For the time being, it's nothing to worry about. However, the intense pressure and stress released yesterday and my insides felt like jello.
There have been so many little incidences I have had and thought "I am totally gonna blog about this!" And then time passes and I don't. But I am here to tell you that yes, I am on the horse. I am taking my weight loss 10 lbs at a time, and no more. I am drinking at least 92 oz of water a day (I've gotten 80 in so far today) and I am walking my butt off every chance I get. It's not my beloved Tuff Girl workouts. It's not my TurboFire (But, that's coming back, baby!) But it's moving, and that is what I have to do now.
I'm craving some mental and emotional relaxation. I am trying to take moments and stop and breath... but I need more. Perhaps I can actually get in some yoga tonight, after class? I hope so. I really, really need it.
Feeling good about my eating today. I'm hungry right now, but I know that I am fueling myself. Eating super clean makes me feel light, and energetic. I love that feeling. So why is it that I have so often gone back to the junk, which makes me feel SO disgusting? *sigh*
I have made a comparison in my head: Sugar (the added kind, not fruit kind) is like little shards of glass. It's goes through your system into your blood stream, and like glass does, it nicks and cuts up your insides. Your intestines, your arteries... fat (the saturated kind) is, well, like gobs of slime. It slips through your insides, and goops up your arteries. It prevents those little sugar cuts from healing up. Then comes the free-radicals we are exposed to daily: pollution, smoke, radiation... those along with the damage we are doing to our bodies with sugar and fat (AND not enough of the antioxidants, or the free-radical-fighting-stuff, like fruits and veggies)guess what happens? They invade the damage caused by our overeating the sugar and the fat.
And we get Cancer.
And we Die.
Anyone really going to argue, along with all the other death-inducing illness that our obesity brings us, that being fat is deadly?
So when my buddy Allan refers to treating your fat like you would treat cancer, he's RIGHT folks.
This kind of perspective helps when I am faced with a sugary adversary. I imagine that sugar making it's merry way through my body, cutting it to ribbons. Allowing free radicals to invade that damage is KILLING ME.
That caramel corn isn't NEALRY as appetizing after that.


  1. carmel corn OR my kindasorta beloved CANDY CORN.

    so so true.


  2. That's a tactic for thinking about my food intake I hadn't considered before - when I'm tempted by a snack, I always try and convince myself no by thinking about the effect it will have on my 'numbers', i.e. the scale. And deep down, I know I could always make them back. But now, after this post, I might start thinking about it with regards to how it affects my body, and my health...cos if things go wrong there, I might NOT be able to just make it up. What a fantastic eye opener, thank you!