Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The streak continues!

Yes, that's right! I am doing SO well with my eating! I keep telling myself "one day at a time, one pound at a time." I'm not thinking about Sunday weigh in, I'm not thinking about January 1st, I'm just thinking about TODAY only. Today, I am on plan. Tomorrow, I will tell myself the same thing.
Unfortunately, the sickness continues. I went to my local urgent care center this morning, because my throat is so sharply sore, I thought there must have been something they could do for me. Nope. It's viral, and no meds will help. I can only take tylenol, and it doesn't work on this pain. So warm and cold liquids are in abundance. It's good all the way around. I hate missing work. I can't afford to miss work, but I also can't talk. At all. No joke. I have absolutely no voice. And calling patients and having no voice don't mix.
The kids went off to school/daycare this morning, so I thought I would have today to actually rest and begin to feel better. About an hour after I got home from urgent care, the phone rang. Daycare. Sam was running a temp. He wasn't himself, crying a lot. So, I went off to get my little one. When they don't feel well, I was them home with me. I want to be taking care of them. so, right now he's napping. My little honey perked right up when I walked in to get him.
I was a little aggravated last night. I dragged myself to class (which was a mistake, because I felt horrible after) and I come home to the house messy and nothing around here done at all. At that point, I felt so awful I didn't care, and the hubs directed me up to bed and made me tea. However, I just don't think it's too much to ask to have some help around here, especially when I'm not feeling well. When I ask, you'd think I was asking him don an apron and get down on his hands and knees and start scrubbing. Um, I would really just like him to run a load of laundry and maybe take out the trash. Is that too much? No, no it's not. Especially when I usually take care of it.
Ok, well, I'm going to go make lunch for my little Sammy Bear. It's veggie soup for me. Later.

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  1. I am so sorry you're not feeling well still :( I hope your babe recovers quickly (and sleeps A LOT!)!

    Keep at it sweetie, you're doing great! One day, one pound at a time. I am writing that up on my white board right above my tracking of my water intake :)