Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Merry post-holiday to everyone. Christmas was pretty quiet, especially after Thing 1 ripped through his presents in record time. His reaction when he came down the stairs, however, was priceless. He ran down and stared at the tree, the lights and the gifts and says "YESSS!!!!!" AS if he had just scored a touchdown. LOL It was great. One thing I loved was that, even though every year we make a true effort to cut down on gifts, Thing 1 still said "look at all this stuff!" Made me feel good. I was freaking out a little on Christmas eve and wondering if I should run out and buy more! Thank goodness a level headed hubby talked me out of that. Thing 1 ran around in awe of the eaten cookies and drunk milk, the carrots for the reindeer all gobbled up. What a wonder to see it all through his eyes. He's been doing craft projects and "decorating" since then with all of the paper, sparkle, crayons and markers Santa brought.
I went on a date yesterday with the 4 year old. I love to do that on occasion. Just he and I went and got coffee/milk and sat in Starbucks. We counted the people who went in and out, sang songs, and made each other giggle. He's such an awesome little kid. I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said "a fire truck". Not firefighter, mind you, a fire TRUCK. Then, later he told me he wanted to be a doctor. Awesome kid, keep that in mind!
Ok, on to food. We hosted Christmas and opted against a sit-down dinner. So, we have apps like veggies and hummus, crackers and cheese, little quiche bites, etc. I tried my hand at making a pie we affectionately call "Mima Pie" because she made it for every holiday and everyone loves it. It wasn't quite the same, but I will work on it next year. I obviously indulged, but not nearly the way I thought I would. I even found myself thinking last night "I'm really sick of this junk in the house". Hm.
I must say I am pretty happy to be through Christmas. It's a wonderful time of year, but it gets exhausting.
I walked into Walgreens (Our local pharmacy) today, and they already had VALENTINES DAY CRAP OUT.
Sorry, do I sound bitter?
Hubby asked me what I wanted for Christmas a while ago and I gave him some ideas - mostly health and fitness related. But, I didn't get any of those. SO, I bought MYSELF a Christmas gift today. A 5 class pass to Bodyology, starting with a class tonight.
Ok, I am a little scared.
I have obviously fallen out of shape, and I know I'm going to get my ASS kicked. It's going to hurt. It's going to hurt for DAYS. But, that's what you get for being a slacker. I'll post all about my pain tomorrow. It'll be good for a chuckle.

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