Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Official Weigh in and Plan

Here we go.... drum roll please....

This morning I weighed in at 225.

That is officially 21 lbs HEAVIER than my lowest recorded weight of 204.

Let me say that I did not cry or feel the need to jump out a window when I saw the number. I say this in itself is a step in the right direction.

So, my plan, really, began last night with my first workout back at Bodyology and, as predicted, it was very tough. There were no tears, there was no blood (thankfully) but the sweat was pouring. I had to really focus and dig in to keep going. Going into round 4, I found myself shaking my head thinking "no way". But even when I think that, there is nothing on this earth (besides maybe passing out) that would force me to quit. I just kept pushing and pushing. There was two moments when I thought I might throw up. There were a few moments I was dizzy and had to give myself a second, but I kept going.

Today, my body hurts. As predicted. So, It's tylenol and lots of hydration to combat the soreness. There will be SOME kind of workout tonight. Not sure what yet.

I am also re-instating my 100 pushups a day challenge. I will do 100 pushups everyday till at least Jan 28 (1 month).

Now, food. I am returning to primarily protein. It served me very, very well during my weight loss phase after surgery, so I am going back to it. I will have SOME carbs - veggies and fruits, quinoa and ezekiel bread, maybe the Mission Carb Balance Tortillas, but NO breads, no cereals, and no sweets.

At this time, I am not going to cut out artificial sugar. I know this will need to happen eventually, but I need a successful launch of this plan, and I feel that having the option of some sugar free things will help me to do that (Click, SF syrup in my tea, etc)

Some protein sources I will be using are as following:
Protein shakes (for my sweet fix, using fruit or SF syrups for variety)
Many of the awesome recipes from Shelly, including her "bites" which are like mini crustless quiches. I had some this morning for breakfast. (Side note: Thing 2 LOVES these things)
Vegetarian protein, like Morning Star sausage patties (very yummy)
Cheese. Yes, I will be eating cheese. I happen to enjoy low-fat cheese, so that is what I stick with.
I'll give you my food for today, as an example:

Pre Breakfast: Sugar free Starbucks Mocha
breakfast: 5 ham bites, 1/2 banana (although I am feeling a bit hungry)
snack: Ezekiel Bread, natural PB
Lunch: BIG salad with quinoa, tons of chopped veggies. black beans, chickpeas, and salsa as dressing
snack: Larabar, veggies and hummus
LOTS of water.

Dinner: - tough, because I really need to go to the grocery store. I will have to really think about this... but I will have some Click, probably later as "dessert"... Certainly better than the junk that is still pervading my house.

So, here it is. You will notice I have re-instated my ticker at the top of the blog. I cannot "coast"... this gain is what happens when I "coast". It cannot. I deserve better than this. I deserve to feel good - physically, emotionally and mentally. I don't feel like that now. But I will.

I will also be back here LOTS more often. You will probably even hear from me again today! You lucky ducks, you!


  1. Everyone always stresses if you fall back into old habits go back to the basics of after surgery, proteins first no matter what and lots of water. Those are 2 rules I will live by for life.

  2. I am glad you are thru coasting. You are worth more than a random fate of a feather on the wind.

    Jane at