Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I mean, I don't post for a week and now you are getting 2 in ONE DAY!

Woh, you must be on the SUPER GOOD list for THIS gift! LOL

Anyway, I just wanted to post a little about how I am feeling physically.

Well, I feel like crap.

I feel "full" all the time. I feel weighed down and heavy. I feel really gross.

I have not stepped on a scale for weeks.

This, my friends, cannot be good.

I will, however, step on it tomorrow morning.

Be prepared for total, complete and utter despair. I'm not kidding. You all will get the brunt of it.

I know I have gained, because my pants are very uncomfortable. Some are so uncomfortable I have not worn them. No good. I am currently wearing comfy yet deceiving stretchy pants.

Oh stretchy pants - I thought you had been banished.

I am currently trying to concoct a good excuse to be able to yoga pants to work tomorrow.

I'm still working on that one. I'll let you know how it goes.

I am, however, working toward remedy. I certainly have not come this far to go back to the weak, blubbery mess I once was. No Sir.

Of course you know I am going to get my ass kicked workout on tonight at 6:00. There may be tears. There may be blood. There will CERTAINLY be SWEAT.


  1. We start with a single step. You are not going to be blindsided on the scale. You know what to expect. Whatever if is, no matter what it is, have a plan to take that second step after the first. You can do this.


  2. It's time to step it up !!!
    Maybe a trip to Ct to kick a little arse...

  3. Face the scale and move on, we all have done it but you caught yourself and realized your actions! Sending you lots of good luck.