Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays to you and yours

Looks like I've lost a few followers. Ah, whatever. This blog isn't about that. It's about me. But, is it something I said, or didn't say? Am I boring? Too whiney? Ah, well...

12/23. Almost Christmas. I have a sick baby home, and a very excited pre-schooler who is desperately waiting for Santa's arrival. He's such a good boy.

Working half a day today (woohoo!) and going to hang out with my brother, sister in law and nephew before they leave tomorrow. I have hardly gotten to see them at all, and they are already leaving.

Sorry to sound poopy - just tired. Thing 2 was up with a burning fever at 3:40, and then he decided that it was time to be up playing... Ugh.

Looking forward to that "New Year, Fresh Start" feeling. No, I don't think you should wait till the new year to eat healthy and move your body, but I do think there is something compelling about the idea of a fresh year.

I am starting to run again. Very.... slowly... For example, when I walk to and from work (about a 15 minute jaunt, 10 if I really move) I have taken to running for cross lights. So, if I see the cross light at the block ahead of me turns, I run for it instead of walking and waiting for the next. Little bursts of energy and speed. Gets my heart rate up a little, and I remember how good it feels to move quickly. I want to start really running again. I need new shoes, though. Maybe Santa is listening? :-)

My gym membership is officially up. The price per month has gone down slightly, but the daycare charge has gone up... yuck. For now, I will be working out at home, since there is simply no disposable income to do anything but that. I have lots of DVDs and surprisingly enough, it's been very mild here in CT - in the 50's today. So, running outside (or, at LEAST walking!) is still doable.

In my office, people started bringing in gifts for each other a few days ago. I decided, instead of getting everyone "Stuff", I would make a donation to the American Cancer Society in the name of our department. So much more fitting in what I believe this season should be about. Giving to those in NEED.

So, interesting question - when you do something for those in need (ex, paying for the lady behind me in the Starbucks line this morning) is it selfish, because it makes you feel good? Does that sound silly? Maybe. But, I am functioning on very little sleep, so forgive me.

Ok kids, I'm out for now. I can't guarantee that I will blog before Christmas, so may I say, I hope that Peace, Joy and Love follow you always. Through the holiday, and through the whole year. Let us remember our many blessings, and thank God (or your own Higher Power) for them.


  1. I feel pretty good when I do something selfless for other people. I think that's why I like teaching to the population that I do. I don't think it's selfish at all to do something to make yourself feel good and do something good for someone else!


  2. Thanks Sarah! Loving your last post, by the way!! :-)

  3. I think doing things for other people because it makes you feel good isn't selfish - it's selfish when you expect something in return, either material or some level of recognition. If that good feeling of doing something right is enough, then it is selfless, I think. :)

    I am loving the CT weather - I've been running outside every day since I got here! My only problem is realizing how small my town is ... I went to plan out an 11 mile run and thought I'd go to Hammonnassett in Madison - then Google Maps told me it's only 3.4 miles away! :P Round trip, and I'd still need to find 4 more miles!

  4. LOL! You'd have to run it back and forth almost 4 times! I think it will get boring! LOL. I am super close to Madison, in Branford, actually. Think I might take a run later - destressing is so essential this weekend!

  5. I have not had much blog love lately either! Hope your little one feels better!

  6. I haven't been posting much's okay sweetie :) Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Kelliann!!!

  7. I hope the little one feels better soon, we are all sick in our house too and it sucks! Merry Christmas!

  8. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!