Thursday, December 15, 2011

Update - Countdown to Christmas

I feel like I am floating in a strange sort of limbo. It's a tough part of the year, not just for food, but for missing those we have lost. It's almost 1 year to the day now that we lost my Mima. I can't believe it's been a year.

I have been very unfocused. I have put on some pounds. I feel pretty yucky and I need to get it together. I haven't been exercising, and although I have been packing my food for work every day, and I pack it clean, when I get home, I get too lax. I eat too much, and it's not clean. I've been so tired, that cooking when I get home is a joke.

Obviously, this needs to be worked on. I know it.

My last post I said I was not going to try and lose weight anymore. But I think my mental-being took that to mean we were going to PARTY, thus leading to my demise.

I am looking forward to the evenings free so I can start my exercise routine up again. Working out makes me feel really good, and it makes me WANT to eat well... So, that's the route I am going to go.

Last night was my last final for the semester, so I will have about a month of no classes. I am SO glad I decided NOT to take a winter inter-session class. I would be pulling my hair out right about now.
On the UP side - my brother and his family are going to be here in 2 DAYS for almost a week! YES!!!! I am SOOOO excited! I can't wait to see them!! This is the best Christmas gift anyone could give me!

Oh, speaking of Christmas, I've got *almost* everyone done. The kids have been done... the hubs is done (remember - he's the triple whammy - our anniversary, his birthday, and Christmas within a WEEK of each other!)So, I just have a gift for my sweet nephew, Jack, and... hmm... is that it?? I have to pick up some cards too. Little details. Not stressing.

We are having an "open house" of sorts on Christmas - meaning both of our families and friends are invited to come over at any time. We will not have a formal dinner, but picky horsdevours of sorts - veggies and hummus, crackers, cheese, fruit, and well, let’s be honest; there will be other stuff that is not so health conscious. We will be relaxed and calm and let the kids play and just be together. That's my kind of Christmas.

My little Thing 2 is getting baptized on Sunday in our church. My brother will be here, Anthony and I will be singing - it's going to be very special. My cousins Katie and John are going to be his God-Parents. Thing 2 actually has 2 middle names - one is the hubs first name, and one is my cousin Brian’s (who we lost last year) middle name. It was important for me to ask Katie and John, Brian’s siblings, to stand up with us. They are very excited, and so am I. I feel like we have established a great church family and I am very proud and happy to be baptizing my son with them.

So, yes, my weight is not perfect right now. What is perfect, anyway? But, there are wonderful things happening. I am SO blessed for all of my good fortune - my wonderful family; my gorgeous boys (my little tribe); my loving, wonderful husband; this amazing time of year; a good job... I could go on and on. I am very fortunate. I am grateful.

I wish everyone reading this, and everyone NOT reading this Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness for this season, and for the whole year through.

"When I'm worried, and I can't sleep... I count my blessings, instead of sheep..."


  1. I love the balanced perspective you are offering here--linking to it on my blog post today!

  2. I wish you a healthy, happy and peaceful Christmas and weeks on both sides. Blessings on all your loved ones.