Friday, December 30, 2011

No big deal?

Not counting the days, just going about things as normal and conquering the battles as they arise.

When I start to crave something, I talk to myself: "Now, come on. What can you have that is in your plan instead? Are you really hungry? Maybe you are thirsty? Drink down your bottle of water and wait a while, then re-assess".

I am trying to be gentle with myself. Not talking down to myself, or berating myself for having these thoughts and cravings. But, the talking helps. It's when I ignore my inner level-headed self. Ignoring her is when all hell breaks loose.

Usually after all that talking, I can move on. I drink down the water. If I'm really hungry, I eat something I packed. Sweet tooth? Drink a protein shake. One day, one moment at a time. Feeling in control, mostly.

Sometimes I feel right on the edge.

Yesterday I found myself, near the end of work, thinking "who cares, just eat whatever you want tonight. It's no big deal"

But it IS a big deal. Because it's not just "once" and who cares??


And I do care.

It's important. I have worked REALLY hard. I can't just flip all that off over, what, a night (day, week, month etc...) of binging.


I feel good getting back into the swing of things on the exercise front. Tonight will be a video - preferably something pretty intense. Turbofire anyone? Hmmm.... sounds like a plan. Maybe a run? I get out of work early today, so maybe I will go right home and get it done, so I have no excuse about being too tired later!

I've never been a big New Years Eve fan, so this weekend will simply be a normal weekend, filled with the normal challenges. These are not to be discounted. They are tough, but at least I won't have to worry about parties, drinking or anything. I'm not a drinker, anyway.

Later, peeps

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  1. Did the new years eve stuff when I was younger. Happy to sit at home by the fire and watch tv. Besides, nothing is getting in the way of my diet at the moment and dont need the temptation :)