Thursday, September 6, 2012

Challenge, Day 3

Mary over at A Small Loss was lovely to remind me that SUCE is, in fact, SUCK in French.

Awesome! It's so appropriate!

Challenge Day 3 of the Super Ultra Clean Eating Challenge is about half way over.

Damn, is it really only Day 3?? DAMN

I want to tell you that I don't miss my coffee protein shake in the AM, but I would be lying. BUT, I will keep moving forward and I believe that I WILL at some point not care about it at all.

Headache was prevolent this morning, but 1 cup of black tea was enough to help it subside. I think the weaning is better... and so does the throbing in my head.

One very good sign we are headed in the right direction is how sweet my Nutty Monkey oatmeal tasted this morning. Amazing what 1/2 a banana will do to sweeten something when you aren't assulting your taste buds with the other crap.

I am hoping to see the scale bust below that 190 I've been sitting at with this little boost. I will weigh in on Sunday or Monday morning.

Work is crazy, schedule is crazy, kids are crazy (but awesome)...

Eats for today:
B: Nutty Monkey Oatmeal (oats, 1/2 banana, 2 tbs PB)
S: 1/2 banana 1 oz almonds
L: 4 oz spicy shrimp (thank you hubby!) with 1/2 cup brown rice and chopped veggie salad with 2 tbs homemade dressing
S: 3 oz chicken meatloaf muffin
D: No freaking clue. :-)

I'm so full now after lunch, I'm not even worried about snack or dinner or anything else.

Doctor appointment at 3:30. Nervous. Will hopefully get the lowdown on if insurance is going to play ball, and if not, what these surgeries are going to run me. I am really, really hoping she has a good outlook on the insurance co..

From the doctors I go to math class, from math I stop and have 10 minutes with my boys, and then off to church choir rehearsal. That gets done around 9:00. Stop at the store for kids milk and yogurt, and for a few fresh fruits and veggies, since we are OUT. Home to make all lunches, and then face-plant in the bed and hope for a fast Friday.

How's it going with all of YOU out there??


  1. Good luck this afternoon!!!

    I was amazed at how sweet I found fruit to be after I gave up sugar and artifical sweetners. It's crazy! I found a whole new love for them after I gave up the crap.

  2. You know what? Just hearing how hard this is and knowing you're still doing it inspires me. I just wanted you to know that.