Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Project

You get a double-header today, folks!

So, I have mentioned previously that I was working on a project. Well, I guess I am working on multiple projects, but this is one of them.

I have also mentioned before about skin removal surgery and attempting to get the insurance company to pay for at least PART of the abdominalplasty (belly).

Well, I'm still trying.

In fact, tomorrow I see a different surgeon. One that is a specialist on surgery after large weight loss. She is the head of the department at the hospital I work for.

I am nervous. But, I digress.

On to the project. Since it is obvious that the insurance company will NOT cover the brachioplasty (arms), I knew I needed to find a way to raise/make the money. So, I developed this site:

It's my page where I am fundraising for the money to have my surgeries. On it you will find before and after pictures, and a video Q&A where I actually show my skin issues.

This was a really difficult thing to do. I am sure many of you can imagine how it would feel to show the world horrible, ugly, hanging skin. I am baring myself, physically, mentally, emotionally, to the world. But these procedures are THAT important to me. I want to be normal. I want to lead a normal life without the constant painful (physical and mental) reminder of the 365 pound woman I once was.

Feel free to check out the site. Let me know what you think.


  1. I loved it. I think you are super brave, and I'm there with ya. If they do cover the stomach and don't cover the arms, how much are the arms out of pocket?

    1. Good question. I will be able to get an accurate price tomorrow in my consult, or very soon after. I want to get a price for both, and for the arms alone, so I know what I am dealing with if insurance denies me again.
      :-) Thanks for looking :-)

    2. I want my stomach, arms, and a boob lift. The boob lift is like 5K I know, so if I could get my insurance to cover my arms and stomach I could handle the boobs, haha.

    3. Well, I've been told that insurance (almost) NEVER covers arms. I have been planning on needing to pay for that one out of pocket. It's going to be the belly that will make or break me. I'll update, of couse! :-)

  2. Good luck Kelliann! I would love to help, but cancer mom budgets are super tight... If I ever get extra money, its totally going to you! :)